Monday, January 6, 2014

Grab your pen and get crazy!

So here's the deal: 2013 was ah - mhay - zhing. All those hs to give emphasis/ oomph (yes, still h-filled) to my chosen adjective.

Really, when one year allows you to just break out of your shell (a whole new wooooorld, a new fantastic point of view.. no one to tell us no - or where to go please tell me you're singing here) and do a lot of things for the first time, amazing just seems to be short of it - gotta be ahmhayzhing. Like ghhhoent okbye.

I mean, simple things like the joy of the first time to:
send a postcard,
and likewise receive a postcard,
and actually save something significant off my income,
and help someone go to school.

And to finally get me a camera, Lucas (my first ever "big purchase"),
and bring it to my first time visits to the beautiful beaches of Caramoan, Punta Fuego, and La Luz,
as well as in my art and culture escapades when i visited a few museums as well as the heritage park of Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar.

And hello, my first ever concert!
And first ever rally,
and first time at Taal,
and to top all trips, my first time to fly out of the country!

The icing in all of these is that most of them were not planned, and a few were not even blogged here because the moments were just better if kept in memory.

Met a lot of new people, got to reconnect with old friends, got to drink more and just experience this age, this time, this freedom to savor life's gift of surprises that never fails to keep me both nervous and excited. A few times this year i felt really alive again, like part of the world that exists and makes a mark. To feel that genuine gratitude for being exactly where I was, where I am, with the people i'm with. I didn't really expect anything out of 2013, so i gotta say it was pretty much off the charts in terms of meeting expectations.

I really enjoyed all these trips and first time things, but among all of it i enjoyed the most what happened with my relationship with people. I got to reach out more and gained a lot of new (and ahmhayzing, yuhh) friends, and was able to deepen existing friendships. I intend to do more of that. This year, this 2014.

I'm happy (understatement pleez) with 2013, but I am all set for 2014. Friends, old and new, let's make this one an awesome, insane year, shall we?


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