Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spoke too soon

Galera trip = canceled. Chances for a summer trip this 2011? Really tiny. Sad! Well, its probably for the best since i wouldn't have enjoyed it so much anyway as my hormones decided to be remembered the day before the supposed trip! Whoo. Spending my thursday lazing around instead (and blogging, like right now) and writing some revisions for our final thesis paper -- which, by the way, went well! Ma'am Bebeng, you're the kindest! <3

Me last sem, trying to figure out the equipment, and finally doing so with Vince's help. Hello short hair!

My thesis groupmates Vince and Kumi! Wala ba tayong kahit isang picture together?!

What I came up with as my thesis defense outfit. Contemplated whether to throw the cardi on or not.

Well, what the heck, I put it on anyway.

That's the dressiest business-y put together look that I could dig up. Still shouts CASUAL all over though, HAHA! Heels and some accessories plus a pulled back hairdo did the trick. Mahahaha! (At least I think so.)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Random bullets

4 posts in 2 days? I'm on a roll! HAHA. Energy is overflowing for the returning blogger. It's lovelier the second time around. Bleh, lame! Jump to first bullet!

*Soooo, yey for internet marketing! Tis the first time that Ghoent Junior will actually be sponsoring a giveaway contest, and we are psyched that Ana of Anagon is very gracious in featuring us on her blog! Thank you Ana! =)

Visit her article here. Don't forget to join her giveaway this coming April! Win something from us! =P

*Will be off to Puerto Galera tomorrow til April 1 for our class "plant visit"! Yahoo! Plant visit with quotation marks because our professor just wanted a farewell outing before graduation, so off to reward ourselves by hitting the beach. Cant's wait! =)

*April 2 is friend Bess' wedding day! Whooo! We will be performing a few songs there, at ako ang egg shaker in 2 songs, and el kahonista in another. Percussionist to the nth level! HAHAHA. My  kadas are all very good singers so yey for me, i get to shake and bang my way into performing. =P Busy this week and a complete bum after that. Did I say can't wait? I can't wait! :D

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Return of the Panghent


Wow, its been 4 years since i last blogged! I kind of miss blabbing nonsense and sensible things here and there so here I am, writing away! Sorry old blog, abandoned you aimlessly. Want to start a new feel so new address! =P Panghent, you will still be remembered, my rants and stories with you will remain alive. <3

Okay, so honestly, blogging again didn't just randomly pop into my head. I was inspired to return to writing after I recently blog hopped and found the pinoy blogosphere very much full of life! I missed posting, reading, and just blogging altogether with all the pictures, the stories, the adventures. Twas funnn and really a way to express and release a lot of emotions then. So yey, I'm back! And I chose this time to start writing again because finally, imma graduate college na! Yahoooo! Its real life now, and i think ill have more things to write about.

Will prolly blog about graduating on a separate entry (or maybe not), just want this inital entry to be a welcome thing. Graduating means more time for the internet in a nonacad way so hurray! My online shop and this blog is going to get a lot of love from me na! :D

Me alive and kicking! =)
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