Monday, July 8, 2013

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar starring three girls.


Why, hello there.


Seriously. I attempted to do an Old English aka a formal ~Victorian (victorian?!) tone for this entry, but all I could come up with is, "Why, hello there.". And that's not even Old English. 


The attempt comes from the vibe of this entry's subject, the Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bagac, Bataan. Just last week, my officemates and I went here with almost no concrete plan. A day before the trip we were all what's-the-plan-are-we-still-game-for-tom-im-feeling-lazy-okay-lets-do-this but yep, because adventure's our middle name (saywhutnow), travel we did. No solid plans, we just made sure we knew the commute details.

Yes, via commute. It was tiring and the travel time was even longer than  the actual time we spent here, but I could say it was worth it. Something new (well, old, in this case) is always worthy. 

I won't spoil the tour details, but I will tell you you'll really learn a lot about our history here. And that's just a bonus from the fact that this place is beautiful! It's a small walkable community-ish that had me wanting to wake up to it everyday, with the view outside my window free for engagement. I could picture myself freely walking through the night, or staying by the beach, or adoring the old houses, the rocks, the floors; just feeling safe and home. Anything reminiscent of the old civilization just has that calming, steady, light feel. Agreed?

I guess old school's really my kind of thing. Whether in art, in clothes, in photography, appreciation in general, all things old really rank up there in my list. Plus I'm all for the Philippines so, yeah I guess mi motherland's close to my heart. I'm not making sense now I know.

I guess that's my cue to bring in this lot of photos!

I know, right? Every place is a ~picture place. Definitely a prenup venue for those looking for a place to shoot, or even just for inspiration. Me and one officemate (because the other one has boyfriend): "yung ka-prenup na lang kulang." Yezzir!

We didn't get to go to the beach, nor stay for the night (i heard it's even better at night) - aka reasons for me to go back(?), why not. :)

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