Tuesday, April 26, 2011


You a dog lover? Bf is, but I'm not. We would always kid of ending up not marrying each other (grabe lang sa usapan no?) because I don't like dogs while he has 3 in their province I think. HAHA. As of now we've decided not have any when (we'd like to think it's not a question of IF anymore, mwahahha) we get married. Dunno if that will still hold in the future though, he can get persuasive sometimes.

Last Sunday night, sister, brother and I watched Hachiko on DVD. Bumming here lately was synonymous to movie and series marathons, with of course a lot of eating on the side.

I will not spoil anything, but please believe me when I say it made me CRY. Capital C R Y. HAHA. Don't google Hachiko, he's too famous that you'll be spoiled of the plot exactly. It's based on a true story, about a dog and his master.

Proof of how it made us cry: pictures of my sister! HAHAHA.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Last Student Supper

Its almost thursday so an entry before the holy week! Just a photodump post on the grad party I decided to attend last minute (medyo lang, haha). I really had my mind set not to attend any grad-related events, and I have broken them twice already. First was when I went to the swimming grad party supposedly sposored by the department (but was actually Justin's summa celebration), and now the engg grad party. Kumi asked Vince and I to come to the event when we had our dinner last saturday. So, okay, monday is party time!

The event was entitled Cirque Au Revoir. Don't know why, and didn't bother to know why. Lazy me, I was focused on what to wear at such short notice! HAHA arte lang. Dress code: Semiformal. Nice. Not too difficult. I decided to wear this black dress that I think I've had since 2 years ago, but didn't have any event to wear to. Buying a new dress didn't even slip into mind because obviously I don't have the income nor any allowance. Sooo, the debut of this little black dress it is.

Spent the party with you-know-who, Kumi and Vince. And with Rendell too, our batchmate. It was held at The Grand Terrace along commonwealth. Nice place, like the interiors, I have a few comments about the buffet area but I'm too lazy to share them so let's just jump to the photos.

Ganda ng CR so nagpaka vain? HAHA. =P

Tried the sock-on-shoe bit cause I think my black dress was too "normal". Dunno how I fared but can I just say, wearing 4inch chunky heels is waaaaay more comfortable than wearing 3inch stilettos! Note to self, the next time I buy shoes for work or for play, stick to chunky heels!

Anyway, more pictures!

UP Repertory

Belly dancers in the house! (sorry i forgot their org name. +_+ ambastos ko na, tsk) They were really good. And of course, they got the male inhinyeros' bloods pumping! =P

And a really good band. (I think). I was outside waiting for our turn on the photobooth so wasn't able to watch. HIHI. (Photos are grabbed, yes.)

Mobile bar with drinks that tasted like plain juice. Nothing more. Was looking forward to drinking pa naman! (Because I usually don't drink. Wait. Yes I don't really drink.)

With ME friend Rainier! Suuuuuper adore his mental top!!

Doing the "fierce" look that I so failed and he so nailed.

And photobooth shots!

Was happy I came. Got to celebrate my last night with the faces I used to always see everyday. HUHUHU. HAHA. Pluuuuusss, I got to meet Claire!! Hi Claire! Super happy we finally met! Akalain mo, we met on the last engg event of 2011, as students! Haha! =P

EDIT: a piture with (and grabbed from) fellow blogger Claire! Beautiful! :D

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Libreng dinner

Engg recognition rites  nung saturday. Eversince that day lahat na ng laman ng newsfeed ko sa fb ay tungkol sa nagyari sa araw na ito. From ME friends and MatE friends, talagang tadtad ng albums about it. Whooo! Slightly bitter ako since hindi ako nakapagmarch kahit na graduate na rin naman ako. Harhar. Onga di pa kasi official. Because of that, minsan lang ako magcheck ng fb recently. Mwahahah!

Anyway, sa thesis group namin composed of Vince, Kumi, and moi, si Vince lang ang officially grumaduate. Yahooo! And since birthday niya nitong april 15, alam na! libreeee! HAHAHA.

Ayos, free dinner at kwentuhan at kaekekan lang. Favorite part ko ay nung nagpalitan ng gradpic. SO HIGH SCHOOL mehn! haha! Natuwa ako na may dedication pa kaming sinulat, mga bolahan lang naman at kung anuano pa.

Mamimiss ko din ang grupong to. May mga oras na di kami nagkakasundo re thesis stuff pero we pulled it off in the end. Super lucky and happy that they were my groupmates.

Salamat buddies! More dinners to come! (Libre pa rin? haha)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nakaligo din sa wakas

Mas natutuloy talaga ang lakad kapag biglaan no? Yes! Am referring to the galera trip that was planned for almost a month that ended up being cancelled, and this outing that was planned in less than a day but pushed through. AT LAST, waterzzz!

Around 12:30 pm last wednesday I received a text from karen that our department is sponsoring a batch outing. Sponsoring as in using funds that were not used for a supposed plant visit at SunPower Philippines. Libre transpo, food, accomodations, everything! Gah, perfect for a poor girl like me! Meeting place was at UP Dil 7pm that same day, since the overnight outing was scheduled from 8pm to 8am at 3B Resort in Antipolo. Didn't think parents would allow me to go cause they're the most OA ever, wanting a 1week notice before any overnight trips (that I hardly ever attend), especially if it involves swimming. But I really wanted to come so, there's no stopping me! HAHA. Thay said yes eventually.

The twist, is that it isn't a deprtment-sponsored trip afterall. Justin paid for everything! He's our Summa Cum Laude batchmate, the first Summa graduate in our department's history. Ang humble lang talaga. Hindi pa sinabing siya yung may sagot, dinamay pa yung deprtment! Congrats Justin!

Really cute and nice couple Justin and Che.

Not much photos were taken but here's a few that would try to sum up that night. No photos can sum it up. Hindi kita dito na sobrang basag at wasak ng mga profs. They're fun to watch actually, HAHAHAHA. Natatawa parin ako pagnaiisip ko. From prim and proper inside the class to.. well, "lasing"! Mga promotor ng inuman! =P

Ma'am Marianne, Ma'am Arlene, and Sir Kenneth. Nagtitimpla na!

Cheers! Sir Kenneth (Cut out left), Ma'am Marianne, Sir Jude (in green), and Ma'am Arlene drinking.

Me, Jill, Izzy and Justin. Tuyo pa ang girls! Pinapakiramdaman pa ang tubig.


Favorite part ko was when the profs were dragging and throwing (oo!) people into the pool. Jessa, Mikko, and Sir Clod were dragged  and pushed in their jeans! Grabe, walang patawad!

Thanks Justin! And congrats to all my batchmates! Recognition Rites nga pala today, so they're now officially graduates of UP Dil! Yey! =) Thesis partners Kumi, Vince and I maybe going out for dinner tonight. Libre ni Vince since he's the only one graduating among the three of us plus birthday niya kahapon. HAHA. Belated happy birthday Vince! Sana matuloy din no? Sana!

Monday, April 11, 2011

My Bess Friend's Wedding

First of all, I'd like to congratulate my friend Bess and her now husband Jayjay. Have a beautiful married life you guys!

Second, I'd like to thank Candice for a really cute play on the words hence that cute title. HAHA. HAAAAHA.

Was a beautiful wedding, the first from our barkada.

St. Scho kada with John and cute bibbo Xionne.

Twas also nice that kulasas got to have a mini reunion c/o Bess' wedding. Hihi, really nice to see people again. Brought all that high school vibe back.

With Pyvez and the kambal Cris and Cecil

Cecil, Me, and highschool friends Bea and Candice

Yna, bagay kayo ni Vincent! Kayo na ang matangkad! =P

Too bad bf couldn't join us because of his cousin's graduation. Would've asked him to marry me sana, awwww. Buti na lang. HAHA. =P

Wacky with the couple!

In a world of short dresses, I decided to do long skirt. With my favorite print of course, polkadots!

Spot the 3 ribbons on my outfit. =P Ribbons are <3

Pyvez, your up next! Can't wait for December! 2 weddings in 1 year, tis the year of L-O-V-E alright! <3

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bum at home, bum at the beach.

Ok guys, so I told you I major in blog giveaways right? Well, true that. I was kinda hesistant to post this blog this early of the month cause I know a lot of entries could turn out to be my nemesis in winning Anywhere Philippines' giveaway contest. D'oh. You don't know how hard it is for me to think that you just clicked their link and found out about their very gracious giveaway. Oh well, game on! (not-really-please-join-on-May-instead :) )*beautiful eyes and batting eyelashes*

So yes, I am in a complicated relationship with school. I no longer have any classes to attend to for the rest of my college life, but I am not yet an official graduate, if that's how you'd put it. Its complicated and boring so yes, you don't really wanna know the details. The important this is, I'm now one of the hundred thousands of bums here in our beautiful country! And right now, all I really want to do is celebrate the fact that I actually got out of school after, well, dare I say it, 7 yearzz! Don't judge okay? It's not as bad as it sounds (not bad at all, haha!). Let's just say I enjoy school too much. HAHA. plus, my ojt friends say I look 18. booyeah!

My grad gift (unofficially, yes) slash wish slash dream is to simply hit the beach. And be a bum there. Sobrang babaw lang, friends. Madali naman akong paligayahin. HAHA. I love adventures and all, but right now I just want to swim in salty waters (naturally salty, that is.) since the last time i swam in one was AGES ago. I can't even remember when and where that was. My destination, Zambales! Haven't been there (total noob when it comes to travelling), and would really like to. Plus its one of the cheaper trips on their schedule so if I win (oh please) then at least there's a big chance that poging bf could join me. We're not spendthrifts aka we're kuripot you know. We don't exactly have the luxury for these kinds of adventures so whoo I hope I nail this one!

With bf, the closest we've been with nature.
(Climb at Mt. Ngile in San Jose, Tarlac for our PE class Camping circa 2007. )

I remember in one of the electives I took back in college (naks! 2 weeks ago lang I was in college, bwahaha), Engg 197 aka entrepreneurship, the project was to create a new entrep venture. One of the other groups presented a mini-inn concept who's target was backpackers - and that's when I first heard about backpacking. Its a cool-exploratory-hands on-light-travelling (Keywords, people. I like making up words so in short, cool-exploratory-hands on-light-travelling simply means Major Awesome!) adventure trip and Anywhere Philippines has scheduled a lot of trips to do just that. That's one thing that I am yet to cross on my list but will definitely do in the future. For now, beach bumming would really be more than enough. =P

Friends, I know you are all great bloggers and writers and all, but puhlease, for the love of [your loved one's name here], join the May giveaway! Leave April alone! HAHAHA! Kidding! (half kidding, more like it) That's just too much pity talk I might as well go ahead and beg for it right? Well, Anywhere Philippines, take me to Zambales please! =)

Anywhere Philippines is a group of travel enthusiasts that primarily organizes trips for active and adventurous people. Join our week-end trips or customized trips. Solo traveller and barkada trippers welcome! For inquiries and reservations, kindly contact us! email: hotline: +63.917.518.TRIP (8747) landline: +63.622.4147 facebook fanpage:

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Chuck and Pancakes

I kind of miss doing nothing exactly productive aka bumming since this last few weeks, school work was consuming my entire energy reserves. Am enjoying my vacation FOR NOW, as i know ill be dead bored in a few days/weeks. But waking up at almost 12 and sleeping at around 2am, oh that feels nice. And sinful.

Anyway what kept me busy for 2 days was remaking Ghoent Junior's website, and now that its done (but not perfect, my css skillz are at an amateur level still), im back at my eating-only-and-marathoning-series to burn time. For now, im watching Chuck. Can't believe i waited this long to actually start watching this awesome (yeah!) show. Bullet in my head please.

Also got to do a little experimenting with pretend cooking here at home. Baked some instant pancake mix, as i was too lazy to cook them "properly".

Turned out ok, added some instant coffee while I was at it in an attempt to have a mocha-coffee-bitter-ish flavor. Was ok but not great, but enough to get me full haha. Topped it with some ice cream just to balance, err, balance the taste whatever.

Doesn't look too yummy but its good enough for me. My standards, well, that is the question. HAHA. =P

Sarah = gorgeous.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Layout

For Ghoent Junior! Yey. =) Visit visit!

Nothing much to say except: gusto ko magbeaaaachhh!
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