Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cupcakes by Cupcake Lab

After almost a quarter of a year, The Cupcake Project's next review finally surfaces. I haven't abandoned this project, no, I am just too lazy to upload. Truth is this one's still from last year's photos! I just write my keywords in a piece of paper and keep it til I finally get the time energy willingness right mood to start transferring them.

For this post, I'll be reviewing 2 cupcakes from 1 shop! :)

The Maker: Cupcake Lab
The variety: Red Velvet
Price: P75
Branch: The Podium

Cupcake Lab is not something I chanced upon at the Podium. I intentionally went here after having googled for a cupcake store that's near our office. I remember that day, the level of my craving for a cupcake was almost annoyingly crazy that I even bothered my officemates to come with me at the Podium. I just bought the minis back then, and I liked them well enough to go back and purchase full sized cupcakes, as shown in this entry.

I have to tell you, Cupcake Lab's Red Velvet IS MOIST. It's dense but not too packed, which is a good texture if you ask me. It's moist enough that it sticks to the teeth and fingers, a little messy to eat as I feel like it's slowly melting. I don't know if that's good or bad but no denying it tastes so good.

It's during these times that I wish Lucas was born a bit earlier. Haha. :D

It has a soft cake, may be too sweet for some or probably just because it's very filling. You know those moments of having too much of something good? Yes. The minis I initially tasted were I guess the perfect size; halfway into eating this full sized version I was ready to give up. But I finished it, of course. The cream cheese is a little sour, with the texture reminding me of childhood icing of cakes.

The size of this can be overwhelming, I recommend you share it with someone. :)

Melts in your mouth: 4.8
Moisture: 4
Packed or Light: halfway, but dense.
Value for Money: 4
Raving? Yes.

Next up, a different kind of cupcake, from the same store.

The variety: Green Tea
Price: P90
Branch: The Podium

The Cupcake Project involves reviewing Red Velvet cupcakes, Peppermint cupcakes, and varieties that are different. Well this one I consider different.

I really like green tea. From drinks to make up and soap ingredients, knowing that what I drink/eat/use is made of/have green tea/ green tea leaves/ green tea extracts give me that reassuring feeling. I don't exactly know where I got this but I'm sure we all have our own theories that back up our ways of life - even if some of them are unexplainable. :) Or maybe this one's just another evidence of my weirdness. I'd prefer that, really. Okay Ghoent, stop.

Back to the cupcake! The frosting of this cupcake is solid, a little sugary-icing in terms of texture and taste. The green leaf is a harder candy. The cupcake at first bite is really moist, with a creamy texture that I really liked. I could taste the green tea there.

Reaching the middle part you'll get to taste (and see) the red bean core. This one's a surprise. It was a bit dry and bitter, and there wasn't enough moisture nor sweetness from the cupcake or frosting to counter it. The cupcake's an acquired taste for sure, and I tell you I love acquired tastes so I will definitely give this a second go in the future. I just hope they made minis for this.

I almost didn't finish the cupcake, to tell you the truth. It was a little crumbly, and not for everyone. I wanted to eat salt after finishing it because there was a gracious serving of red bean that was too much for the cupcake. It's filling, and I give it an A for effort.

Melts in your mouth: 3.5
Moisture: 3
Packed or Light: packed side
Value for Money: 2.7
Raving? Not today.

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