Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rules of engagement

One less to the unemployed statistic, cheers! And the celebration doesn't stop at being employed; but extends to being hired at a position, and industry, and more importantly, company that I am happy to work for.

I have only been "working" for SEAOIL Philippines Inc. for 3 days now, but in that 3 days I can say that this is going to be a long-term relationship that I intend to take care of.

Rewind: Yes, I have really wanted to work in the energy sector. And yes, an oil company is as lucky as I can get. And the best part, is that I am a Management Trainee here; a post that will allow me to learn a lot and explore different paths. It's really an opportunity that I am thankful and grateful for. (Sobra!)

Working for SEAOIL is a whole different story. It's one thing to be happy that you are doing what you love, and a whole new bonus to work for a company that you believe in. I did not know a lot about SEAOIL prior to being an employee (except for their history that I reviewed for the interviews, syempre), but knowing and experiencing their core and culture has just been overwhelming.

It's probably one of the many reasons why every day I fall more in love with SEAOIL. It's because our values are so much aligned (read: INTEGRITY, among 6) that sharing the same path with them is not just career and knowledge enriching, but also individually reinforcing.

I say (write) "working" with quotation marks because honestly, I think I should be paying SEAOIL for teaching me an immense amount of knowledge in just a span of 3 days. Seriously. Didn't feel like work at all. It's like attending a seminar that's of great value. I expect no less in the coming days (adventures - literally up for next week!), and I look forward to every single day ahead.

My official first day at work was last Friday. But a day before that, Thursday (apir Rebecca Black-ish!), my MT batchmates and I (there are 9 of us) had lunch with the Chairman (founder) and VPs and Senior managers/officers of the company. It was an intimate meet-and-greet (artista lang!) slash welcoming (i think) to the company. The 9 of us were seated a seat apart, with the VPs and officers/managers seated in between to chat and enjoy over lunch.

Florabel, The Podium.
Us MTs were early so caught the setting up stage. The only pic I took, of course.

That alone is an act that I truly admire. They are the type of owners that you see in the office that actually smile back and really talk to employees (unlike in other big companies where you only see your "big boss/owner" once in your career life, or maybe even never). One of the VPs (one of the Chariman's sons) has actually been our mentor/speaker for the past 2 days; and he is awesome. I don't use that word - ever - because I prefer the word amazing - but he's just freaking awesome. And I don't mean in a Barney Stinson loud kind of way, but in a silent-killer inspiring kind of way. Walang ere. None at all. But very inspiring and has the great balance of knowledge and wisdom. Awesome.

Dang. I hope this doesn't look like a sponsored post. HAHA. I really want to talk about the company and my first three days but I'd like this to be more of an I'm-so-happy-I-just-cant-stop-thanking type of entry. So thank You thank You thank You.

I don't think my words can ever justify how I happy I am and how amazing (see, I like that word) SEAOIL is. Of course, I've only been here three days, so we'll see if I still feel the same way in a few months, or years.

And yes, if before being hired by SEAOIL I can get to pick the oil company I'd work for, it wouldn't be my first choice.

But now that I know and understand a lot more, ask me again and I'll stay with SEAOIL - in a heartbeat.


babyaииE. said...

congratulations! I'm so happy for you.. :)

Claire said...

Congratulations, Ghoent! Astig, Seaoil!! My cousin used to work there! Sabi niya, it's nice kasi kahit di raw kasing-laki ng Shell, Chevron at Petron, you grow together with the [growing] company!

ghoent said...

@Anne: Thank you! I'm happy too, haha! =)

@Claire: Wow sayang di ko naabutan pinsan mo! =) Yes, I think it's really a great environment to grow and discover a lot about the industry and yourself!

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

wow congrats! not everyone is as lucky as you -- being able to work in the company and sector you want. <3

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

ghoent said...

Thank you Gizelle! I'm really thankful for all these blessings! =)

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