Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kulasas - The Complete Edition

At long last, some heart to heart tambay and bonding with my high school kada - kumpleto-wise! It's really difficult to gather the whole group because everyone's busy. Work, school, duty, wedding preps, etc. This time though, kada Hanna had her heart broken, and she needed us for an emo session complete with stories and tears on the side. Of course, everyone swept their calendars wide open and gave an afternoon to Hanna, hence the group's complete get together last week.

It's really nice to be with my all girl group again. Namiss ko ang mga kabadingan, katarayan, kalokohan-girl style, and that laidback vibe that I kinda brought with me til today. We're the kind of group that likes tambays-at-homes instead of night outs. Prolly because half of the group have conservative parents with ridiculously early curfews (AHEM AHEM). But that's okay (for now, at least), we'll do the Serena van der Woodsen-life a little later on na lang. HAHA.

Boys are fun to be with but to be able to sit down and be with your girl troop is just another story, agree? Super namiss ko talaga, gazzh! Just a little wrong though na nakumpleto kami because one of us was going through a hard time. Hope more of these would happen minus the sad stories. =(

After the kwentuhan and updates, we took some shots too, syempre. Kumpleto ang barkada!

Bagong gising ako. 3 pm daw but they arrived at 4! Ayan nakaidlip!

Mga kalokohan with my beautiful with-a-baby-bump kada, Bess!

Eating sinegwelas (ispelling pleazze) with Cris and Hanna, while waiting for the others to arrive

At the dinner table, kung saan di kami magkasya ng maayos. =))

Kuwari Bess is having her baby na!

Bagong-break look daw dapat. Yna's happy. HAHA. Women empowerment ftw!

The classic telenovela shot. Ako daw ang bida, HAHAHA.
Mac (yung ka-back-to-back ko), Pyvez' (2nd girl seated from right, with the really mataray look) fiance joined us. They'll be getting married this December, on their 10th year!! Whooo! 10th year mehn!
Janrey (the other guy who looks really macho), is the gay friend of Hanna and Bess. Haha! We've met him before na rin.

The money shot! Kumpleto!
Cris, Hanna, Cecil, Me, Yna, Pyvez, Bess

More of these in the future, sana!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I am legend. I mean bored.

I am. I'm surprised that being a bum has taken its toll on me in just about a little over a month. Brain damage.

Nothing has been keeping me busy. I feel guilty for doing nothing, lazing the whole day, sleeping and eating anytime I want to. Self-destruction.

For now, I am scribbling and drawing a few bag designs, but I have no idea when I'll be able to have it done. My bag maker has decided to get a full time job instead so I am left with no choice but to find a new bag maker. Changes.

I still cannot believe that after living for a year now here at our new house, we still do not have a decent internet connection! I am stuck with this sun broadband where I must "strategically" position myself in places where I can actually get a signal. Pft. Stuck.

Bitter of this internet connection because I cannot even download and install Skype properly (I know right). I need it because I intend to work part time as an online tutor, so I can at least have some money and actually make something out of my time while I wait for my "official" graduation on October. Waiting.

What else what else? Nada. Doing nothing has made me EMO because everyone else is busy making their lives great and meaningful. And the pouring rain this past few days hasn't helped either, as they made the mood even more conducive for some self-pitying. Thank you sun, you have returned. Bright is how I like it. Sunny side up.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Drowning Equilibriums' BIG Summer Giveaway!

I am drooling over Aisa Ipac of Drowning Equilibriums' Summer blowout giveaway! I'm eyeing the first prize (because we should always aim high right?), but really any of the three major prizes would make any girl tear in happiness!

The goodies for first prize
Ruckus tassel necklace, Celeteque set, Extremefinds neon braided necklace, Fabrichild maxi dress, Trunkshow bag, Flattering Tops jeggings, Impulse Co leopard print headband, Trinkets Royale peacock necklace + 1 pair of shoes from PILL, P1000 GC from Freeway, P200 GC from Nude Clothing & 1 pc. of clothing from F-Stop.

Quite a handful, agree?

Check out her giveaway here, a lot of sponsors to add so you better start clicking! =)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Inay, panic buying?

The perks of having a sister that used to work in selecta. Always on the loop of ice cream discounts sa planta! Read: 50% OFF! HAHAHA. Flavors on sale include sorbetes and creations variants only, syempre ibang level naman yung bonggang flavors. Still, I ain't complaining (DUHH). Stocks fly fast so whatever sister got hold of, she bought; as per inay's UTOS. Di nababali! HAHAHA.

IKR. Gallons and buckets of yummy, creamy, unhealthy, figure-killer (kala mo may figure!) ice cream! Graaaabe, like a child's dream answered. And to add more guilt, sister bought this chocolate syrup! Whuuuut!

So i smothered this yummy chocolate all over my melon and ube ice cream! Ohhhh the goodness of guilty indulgent pleasures! Melon flavor is surprisingly delicious, with that cooling effect that the fruit actually brings. Shef sarap!

Sister bought other flavors not on sale. The Hershey's collection! She chose Milk Chocolate with Almonds, and Kisses. (Since we've already tasted Reese's). Verdict: aba'y MASARAP! Ano pa ba? HAHAHA.
Kisses lived up to its name. It had a looot of chocolate chips on every bite. It's just impossible to have a spoon of it without munching on at least, errr, 4-5 chocolate chips? Ok so i didn't really count; but dude, you get the picture right?
Milk Chocolate with Almonds is my favorite. Almonds got me. And the chocolate. And the creamy texture, like its melting slowly on my mouth. Ok got to stop talking now.

Sorry for the not so enticing pitures. Just snapped them then ate. Selecta shoud pay me for this. Or not. Haha. Thank you, for making this summer less burning!!

Btw. Family's more than halfway of finishing all these. I couldn't stop eating when it first came so only got to blog about it now. HAHA. Helloooooo, flabby belly!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My very first giveaway win! AWESOME!

Whuuut! I.can'

Remember when I blogged about me wanting to bum on the beach? Well, that was an entry for a blogging contest; and apparently, I won! Thanks to Anywhere Philippines' blog and tag promo, I was awarded as the Blogger for the Month of April and get to travel for free! Whooo!! I couldn't be more ecstatic, Zambales here I come! Hiyes! Ang saya saya ko talaga! :D

Matutupad na rin sa wakas ang pangarap kong magbeach ngayong summer (pangarap talaga? HAHA). Thank you to Anywhere Philippines! Join the contest now guys! Last na this May, you may just win as their May blogger of the month and be able to travel to your chosen destination absolutely for free! :D

Just go to their website for the mechnics. It's simple and easy. Game!! :D
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