Monday, February 10, 2014

Of Reunions and Despedidas

Hello! How's your love month going on, fellas! I am particularly excited for this month this year, because it's the first time I'll be experiencing Feb with red as my faorite color. HAHAHA. Yeah as a kid and all throughout high school, i've always liked violet/purple. Midway college I was more into yellows and pinks, and plenty of neutrals. Last year, just like a pregnant woman craving for all the crazy things she wants, I was drawn to everything red. (ignore that analogy i'm usually good with that i guess not today lulz) So yep, it's this year that I officially am celebrating the love month with the love color as my favorite!

Well not that I'm celebrating it with someone [special], though. But all the cute and pretty things around me make me appreciate the love particles up in the air nontheless. <3

Anywayyyy. Before February, there's January. And the month pretty much celebrated the opposite strings of hellos and goodbyes. I know right? Kicking off the year with this mix of emotions? Why not.

Finally got a mini reunion with my UST classmates! We've always stayed at one of our classmate's house during our first year, and since they'll be moving out soon, t'was the perfect timing to have one last inuman at their house! (but no, i didn't drink then. heh) There were just 7 of us who were able to come, so hopefully soon we'll get to bring up the numbers. I missed these people!
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Happy birthday to three of my friends! Because we're all mature and know exactly how life is, a Jollibee party was a no brainer. Haha! We didn't get to play the prepared games though because we were all late. Huhu guys, when it comes to children's parties, come on time. But yey loot bags for everyone! <3 It was really good to see some friends that I haven't seen in a while, orgmates and friends of friends. The videoke with them later that night was the real winner, though!

Got to reunite with my thesis trio again! Last time we met was last year January, so we were thinking this could be an annual reunion now. BUT. During our lunch out Kumi tells us she'll be going to Australia sometime later this year, so we planned for a Tagaytay day trip immediately for the following week! This'll be the first leg of a few more meet ups, hopefully, before she leaves. :( Her boyfriend also joined us, a happy couple! <3

We visited the Puzzle Mansion and Sky Ranch!

So we all have that set of friends that we don't usually see and talk to, but we all know are our best buddies. I belong to a trio that's exactly like that. I consider them my closest friends - if not the best - and we only get to see each other a few times a year (at least once, because we are all October babies so an October Celeb's a given).

One's getting married (yey! congratulations Dren!), but in the US! She's migrating there (she's there now, actually) so we won't be able to come to her wedding. :( She was really busy the last week before she was to leave, so it was sweet that she made time (actually, we DEMANDED for her time lol) to at least grab some dinner and talk the night away. I will surely miss this girl. :(
10 years and still rocking it! -my instagram caption says

Last day of the month kicked off the Chinese New Year! Red red red? A loooot of people celebrated CNY at Binondo, but that's exactly what we were looking for (right? i think so, haha!)! Would be a good idea to come back maybe on a non-holiday to do some proper food trip without all the lines everywhere! Chinatown with officemates!

So far, my year's been off to a really good start. The goodbyes (a few more pending later this year, huhu) aren't of course as great as the hellos, but I am thankful that I was blessed with the beautiful memories that I've enjoyed with them so far. Hopefully I get to make more when they visit back, or maybe even at a distance. What's the use of this digital age if not to communicate easier, right?

I am all for two things this year, and one of those is to continue what i've started of really reconnecting with my friends and meeting new ones. Last year was mostly great because of the people-side of it, so am making sure it continues to be awezam this year. The other thing, if you were wondering, is exploring different places -near, far, cheap, expensive. The feeling of visiting places or doing things for the first time are natural highs that I wish to always feel. 

Hoping your January's been great too! Happy February, people! :)

Also, i must remember to blog not just once a month. My entries are becoming summaries, deym!

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