Friday, May 24, 2013

Museum hopping.

Who else here enjoyed the Museum Day last Saturday? FREE entrance to the National Museum, Ayala Museum, Metropolitan Museum and the Lopez Museum whuttup!

A day of arts, history, and culture appreciation. We got to visit two (wanted to do three though!), the National and Ayala Museums. Both I really enjoyed, with plenty of stories and beauty to absorb. The Ayala Museum was also culture rich; too bad cameras aren't allowed so you'll have to experience that on your own. For now, enjoy more photos from our visit of the National Museum!

Wooooot sablay in da hauz!
After touring the National Museum we went straight to Ayala, had some drinks and rest (commuting and touring are tiringgggg oh hey it rhymes), and then went to the museum. I enjoyed the most the first floor, where there are around 60 (?) dioramas of our history. I just wish we had more time so I could read each and every glass box. Those were some awesome display!

Got to buy this postcard booklet of Ferdinand Zobel's paintings, as memorabilia. I really enjoyed his works!
One of my favorites!
The print quality's not great (not good even), but I just like the works so much so had to add this to my collection. Yey!

Hope I get to visit more museums! Oh Philippines, why do I love you so much?

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