Sunday, April 20, 2014

Don't hate on the sun.

A few days ago I finally found the time to clean my room which was desperate for some fixing. I sorted quite a pile (of mostly trash!!) because I (c/o motherdear hoho) got a new mini cabinet to help my room look more of a girl's lady's. ANYWAY.

I kept 4 things and decided to display 'em by landing the spot on top of the mini cabinet. I hadn't realized I had these that represent a few things that i'm really into!

1. That old, vintage, (non-working) camera. Now this one's a cheat, because it actually captures (*wink wink*) 2 things I like. First is the more obvious that is photography. The appreciation of stills, memories, art, emotions, all expressed in a photo. I am not great in taking pictures but I have respect for those who are. The different perspectives in looking at things go beyond just taking that perfect shot, as it also mirrors our choice in life's different perspective settings. (hello positivity!!)

This piece also reflects my interest in the old, the forgotten, in vintage things. From houses, places, culture, museums -- to vintage prints, style, and overall vibe. And pleaz, the stories behind them, always interesting!

2. The shoe. This one's a gift (together with a box of messages from different people!) from my friends a few years back for my birthday. It represents my appreciation of shoes, clothing, prints, materials, designs, style - creating a look. I've always believed that dressing up (or down) is a form of self-expression, so there are no right or wrong turns. All my admiration go to the people who just don't give a fck of what others think. You go girl (or guy)! I do not have a lot of clothes nor shoes, at all, because that is not the point. Lol. I mean hello, who else here looks at the clothes of Game of Thrones characters? The elaborate designs, the silhouettes, the cuts! Respect to the work done there!

3. The anchor and the shell. Do I have to? Do I?  B  E  A  C  H.


Last weekend we went to the beach! I went with the same group of friends from last year's Punta Fuego trip (but this time with 2 more friends joining, yey!), and this year we didn't really go far from there. Haha! We went to Tali beach at Batangas. I really enjoyed the home-y feel, the great service, the nice crowd in the beach, and of course the company of a few of my favorite people! We also went to Punta Fuego, which has always been a pretty sight. Oh beaches, summer without you is one wasted.

My friend Ama wrote a poem that was like pulled out of my brain, except in way better words. I should frame this, really.

Clothes come off before wading into sea
Exposing skin that has been kissed by the sun
Ecstasy washes over us in waves
Each more violent than the last
Pulling us under, throwing us around
We take a deep breath and plunge again
And dive into the depths of heat, salt
And sweat, and we lie in the sand tired
And spent, the taste of summer
Alive in our tongues.
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