Sunday, December 22, 2013

4th quarter's awezam last 2 minutes!

Kinda regretting not making time to update the blog. It's almost the end of the year and 2013 has been reaaally awesome and blessed that I can't even decide which part of it I am most thankful for. Just a few posts ago I talked about how I started this year, and now I am already closing it! Time fliesss yes!

In a flash, what was up the past months:

I went to my college org's alumni homecoming last September! Kids are doing well and I'm so proud! <3

My birth month this year was spent with some of my favorite people. Sincerely one of my best birth months ever!!

Spent my birthday with Nevin and Reynold, my college friends. Tis our quadro group but we're missing Kim here as she was in Thailand for thesis. Nevin's (can't see his face, thanks bowling ball) a co-October 16 celebrator, and born on the same year at that!! My brother in this universe! :)

Celebrated also of course with my co-MTs, and we were almost complete! Really touched that we all got together again. One even had all his luggage with him bec he flew straight from Iloilo from work duties!

Got to spend the birth month with my high school kada also, of course! Kulasas reprezent! <3

Birthday celeb won't be complete without my college orgmates! A lot came and am super happy we got to see each other again!

Capping the birth month celeb was this pigout session with my two bestfriends! All three of us are October celebrators so this has been an annual thing for the group. We don't get to meet regularly but when it's October, we all make time. One will be migrating to the US soon and I melt just a little. This trio!

My supposed ~quarter life crisis~ age of 25 was surprisingly so much fun! Wish I was forever 25! So thankful for all the blessings that I got. Now that I'm part of the 26 Club am hoping that life continues to bless me with great people, life experiences, and learnings. 25 made its mark and it surely set the standards high so I'm  just ready to face all the things that this 26th year of breathing throws at me. I'm ready! :)

October was closed with our company's team building at Tanay, Rizal. Got to meet a lot of new people and grow closer with my work buddies. Tis only the second time that I got wasted, which gives a peek at how fun the night was. Am a lot closer to my workmates now and I love it!

November was all about new friends also, this time foreign friends! My high school friend's boyfriend's friends (ya followin'? lol) visited the country and I first met them at Ateneo's relief operations for Yolanda victims. Got to hang out and drink with them a couple more times after that, and twas fun. :) Got to try Jameson whiskey, something to add to my list! No pictures though, too bad! Hello Justin and Chris!

Kuya Imay also went back here in the Philippines for work (and then vacation), and with him was Uga, his Malaysian workmate. Overnights at their hotel and went to Intramuros and also Taal (both spontaneous trips, totally did not have the right clothes for such adventures haha) to show Uga our country! Twas fun cause it was also our first time to go to Taal! Hi Uga!

English was put to test, you bet. New friends are always awesome :)

December shiznit is still in progress, and so far it isn't disappointing!

Kicked it off by attending Leni Robredo's talk on Effective Ethical Leadership which was an initiative of SEAOIL in its reinforcement of integrity as one of our company's core values. Must say it was inspiring and makes you think what if we had more people like her. Country would probably be so much more progressive. Selfishness is the root of all evil, imo.

Went to the Neon Fun Run also! Didn't run the 5k cause I wasn't in shape. Wait, I am not in shape. Deym. Ran just I think more than a kilometer, and then officemates and I went for drinks after. Lol gots to exercise really I know.

Oh hey, family went to Singapore! Weeee! First time to fly out of the country! Can't help but compare the Philippines to Singapore in terms of urban planning etc. Heavy traffic isn't even a thing there, I think. But excuse me, I love PH, just so you know. <3 :) Enjoyed this short vacation, super!

Havta come back for Universal Studios and some other shiz that I didn't get to visit/do thanks to the rain!

On the same days that I was in SG, my college orgmates were in Palawan!! </3 Was bittersweet as I knew this already mid way 2013. Can't do anything about the conflict of sched so had to suck that up. But they were sweet enough to make this photo, so all's good. Haha. <3

Red boxing karaoke with our company's CFO as soon as I got back in the Philippines! Whooo! MT perks, yes, is to have the CFO as your mentor. He's not just gwapo, he's also smart as heck and is a really good person. I can easily continue gushing about him, so pm me if you'd like to hear more of that. HAHA. Had beer, Jack Daniel's and Johnie Walker's Double Black. The latter was crazy, burned my throat yo. Deym. Haha. Solid night!

Got to visit Laiya with my department mates also! The beach guys, the beach!! I missed this! Tis totally my jam!! <3 <3 <3

Can't wait for the next beach adventure!

Quadro was complete just last Sunday! Yey! Reynold's birthday plus Kim's back from Thailand, yeyeye. This is one of my crazier group, and I love these three! Pasalubong everywhere, both from Thailand and SG, but mostly from Thailand hahaha. Thanks Kim!! <3

Also had our department's Christmas party a few nights ago, since the company Christmas party was cancelled to donate the budget. Am so lucky I belong to the crazy department that is Retail Development! Had Absolut vodka, Patron tequilla, Jack Daniel's whiskey and plenty a beer! I'm becoming more alcohol literate so good job 2013!

Last quarter of 2013's crazy! I LOVE IT. Part of me doesn't want 2013 to end yet just because it's sooooo awezam. I'm really looking forward to the rest of the year, and of course to 2014. Kinda difficult to top 2013 but am sure 2014's going to put up a fight. Yes please?

To more awesomeness (OMG the most "awesome"-filled entry to-date, just bec it is awesome!!) for 2013, and double awesomeness for 2014!!



Claire said...

I love your outfit to your alumni homecoming! Para kang vintage queen, Ghoent!
And awww! Nakapunta ng SG yung beanie mo, hihi nakakatuwa, tingin ko bumagay sayo!

Cheers Ghoent! :) I missed your posts!

ghoent said...

Thanks Claire! I was really going for vintage soooo yey! Haha. :P

I love the beanie and the family loves it also!! They were asking me where I got it at syempre told 'em about your craft. :) Salamat!! It was drizzling during our Singapore Zoo day so part of me was happy as I can finally wear it. Hahaha! :))

Thank you again i missed blogging also! Hopefully i get to blog as often as you do by next year! :)

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