Friday, October 28, 2011

One door closed, another opened.

I woke up to some great news today. And I am just overwhelmed at how God finds ways to help me see everything's purpose for happening. This day is a great day for me. And I can't thank God enough for all the blessings.

I want to give back by holding an inventory sale, and basically almost give away these pretty Weber Bow babies. I just want to start fresh by clearing out stocks, and at the same time pay forward all the kindness that God has blessed me with.

Hope you all have a great long weekend ahead! Always enjoy and savor the moment! =)

Details of the sale can be found here:

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Aaaand that's it.

4 years and 5 months. Not bad. Actually, it wasn't bad at all. I loved every minute of it, and will forever treasure that defining part of my life.

But I have to be in touch with the reality that its now all over. Open my eyes each waking day and just remember to forget it. To put it all behind me.

Thank you, for everything. You changed me, and I am thankful for that.

I am happy that we are ending this with all the respect that we have for each other intact. I am happy that no harsh words were thrown out when we were dealing with it. I am happy that we are mature in dealing with the situation. I am happy that we think and we feel.

But essentially, I will have to find myself again to be able to be really happy, in its most simple definition, again.

As much as I don't want to be too melodramatic about it, this being my very first breakup and nonetheless from a 4year5month relationship is I think too much to handle for me. I've just been too happy for the longest time that I've been blindsided by this much pain.

For now, I continue to pray that I bounce back soon from this emotional torture. I am thankful to friends who have helped me and listened to me. I am truly grateful.

And I am thankful to the world for making me realize that yes, you will continue to roll even if I feel like not rolling.

The best teachers really do not care. They just teach.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The day I cut a few things

I truly hope I get to keep this post short. Because on this day, the day I cut my boyfriend's hair, I ended up cutting a lot more.


Before the renegade

Libreng gupit! (excuse the pambahay outfitey)



So, how did I do? I let boyfriend use one of my loose pambahays as his "haircut shirt", then he showered after all the feeling-propesyunal-na-barbero stint of mine was over. Not a lot was cut off but boyfriend likes it. He says i'll do all of his future haircuts from now on. Coolio.

My boyfriend. My boyfriend. The. Boyfriend.


The day after this haircut happened, the boyfriend and I had a fight.

That was last week.

No it wasn't because of the haircut.

It was serious. Scary serious.

We've never had a major fight in our four years and four months of being together.

Until this day. Or well, last week.

A lot of things that has never been said and done, were said and done. A lot of emotions, a lot of.. yes. I don't wanna bore you.

And I don't wanna cry.

I should say, without any exaggeration, that I've had the greatest scare of my life this day. Or well, last week. And it had something to do with me having to cut everything off with my life. (ghoent code: my life = my bf) 


Don't judge.

Thank God.

Thank God.

We are working things out now.

We are talking, and healing, and learning from all that happened.

I learned a lot. I really did.

I pray that what was cut, will be replaced by something new.

I know that it will never be the same.

But I sure pray that it's  a lot stronger.

Today we hit our largest bump yet. Or well, last week.

There are some scratches. But I know it's all in the surface.

And deep down, we're still in it for the long haul.

At least I hope so.

And I truly and will forever pray so.

And will surely unendlessly work hard for.

And certainly [wish I] know so.

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