Saturday, February 16, 2013

Look, Lucas.

I talk about saving up in my last post and now we have me here, ready to tell you more about the very first gadget that I bought.

Gadget. What a weird word. Doesn't really roll off the tongue quite smoothly. So to be consistent with the financial shizz I talked about previously, let's call this one, an investment. LOL yun lang pala.

Everyone, meet mi new camera, LUCAS! :)

"Hello hello hello!!", he says back.

Could someone "crave" for something nonfood? No? Sure? I did. Haha. I have long been researching for the best place to buy Canon's Powershot S100 (after weeks of reading research for my camera requirements lol). You know me, I research. I saw a few places through that offer this 21k-worth of camera (Canon price) for only P12.7k - 15k, all of them seemingly legit. But that required cash payment and since I didn't have that much (money, or courage) to let go in one sitting, I let the obsession pass.

But what do you do when you spot this camera at SM Appliance center, at 30% OFF?? What? What do you do?? You buy it, that's what! 21k down to 14.7k. Wows. I asked for itay to ~kindly swipe his card for me~ hihihi. And I pay him in installments. The discount only holds for cash or straight card purchases. Staggered payments would only merit 20%off, so there. This comes with a 4GB mem card and a hard case Case Logic for free. Yeyyyyy tears.

The salesperson tells me the sale is exclusive to SM Appliance center (I believe him because I check cyberzone ALWAYS), and there are only 5units left of this (as of Feb. 10) in all their SM branches. The sale is because of the release of S110. Can you feel my happiness? Can you? Can youuuuu?

Anyway, here are my test shots, after playing with the filters etc. The camera also has manual mode settings for focal length, shutter speed, and that aperture shizz that I am yet to study, so these shots are all under automode. Whooo haha well enough for me.

All unedited, uncropped, but resized and watermarked:

Color Accent filter

Nostalgic filter
Miniature filter
Monochrome - Black and White filter


Monochrome - Sepia filter
Color Accent filter

Toy Camera filter


Love all of them! There are other filters that I didn't show here, didn't have the time yet to fully play with the features. These are all raw, and not bad for that. I'd probably adjust the contrast and brightness of some if I were to tweak it, just to suit my taste in love for colors - and because my laptop settings are very different from my camera's display. These shots actually look more washed out when transferred to my other laptop. All the same, I am really happy with this purchase! :) :) :)


Oh hey wait, how'd you spend Valentine's day? :) I spent it with some of my officemates, had dinner and of course dessert! Below are my very first food shots from that dinner! All also unedited, uncropped, but resized and watermarked.

Banana Almond Crepe

Blueberry Cheesecake

Mango Parfait

We ate at McDo for dinner because we wanted to spend more for dessert. Haha! So we ate at Tokyo Cafe for these. Not bad! Big servings, and delish. I wanted to eat cake but my lent sacrifice is to abstain from cake/cupcake/donuts/fudgee bar haha aka any bread that's sweet. I declared Pan de Manila's Ensaymada and Pesto bread etc as the borderline, meaning they are allowed. And I'll also be abstaining from milk tea. Huhuhu things I love, goodluck. So I had the crepe for Valentine's! :)


Weeee goodbye to my noisy, grainy shots (especially for indoor and lowlight photos -- my first camera requirement!) now! Hopefully Lucas will help me document life just a little better. Haha!

Btw, I named the camera Lucas because first, I want it to be a guy. Representative of its compact and classic design (I hope that doesn't sound sexist.). And two: because of brother's suggestion. I was asking him of his UFC characters' names, and some of them were: Shinji Rodriguez, Frank Coleman, Jack Carron, Gerard Slade, Max Mitchell, Lucas Griffin etc. I stopped him at Lucas, because I really liked its ring. Brother then tells me Lucas is his best online record player. Pshhh. SOLD!


Sooo, have a happy weekend! :)

"Let's take a picture! From what perspective would you like to see the world today?" - Lucas, my camera.


Claire said...

I'm not exactly a fan of gadgets (very basic lang ako) but I do think of my camera as an investment too-- dun kasi pwedeng i-store ang memories eh. Hurray Canon! I like Canon cameras. :)

And wah, nakakagutom tignan yung desserts huhu. Puro ako chocolate at ice cream lang ngayong Valentine's. Hindi ako nakakain ng pastries haha. :))

ghoent said...

Same tayo Claire! Am the last person you'll have to ask about techie bits. Outdated din ang aking gadgets (ako na lang ba ang taong walang kahit anong Apple product?) at sadyang I just like art/photography or something like that aka this camera. Haha! :P

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