Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Time to wake up.

Went to the Million People March yesterday at Luneta, because Anonymous' revelations are just too much to ignore. I "liked" a related Facebook Page and the posts there are also ~interesting. I don't know how to put it, really. I did not join protests/rallies back in UP but this time, I just felt that I had to be part of the change.  

It's a pleasant surprise to see that many felt the same. A "leaderless protest" jumpstarted by social networks, results to this? Not bad. Not bad at all. The people who attended are mostly the working class, from I guess the middle to upper class. 

It was heartwarming. To see that people from all brackets are engaged in the issue, that they want to be heard and join the push for change that our political system needs. My friends and I were even able to chat and befriend one, who apparently is a director of one of the bigger realty property companies here. But that didn't matter; we all went there with the same hope, and that is that our country gets what is rightfully hers.

Yeah. Shame on the corrupt.

And holla, Luneta was generally trash-free during and after the rally. Apir guys!

Peaceful day. Meaningful celebration. Certainly my most memorable National Heroes Day yet.

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