Sunday, October 21, 2012

Red Velvet Cupcake by Sophie's Mom

First blood: Sophie's Mom
Price: P50
Branch: SM Megamall

The Cupcake Project's first in line, Sophie's Mom's Red Velvet Cupcakes. I haven't done any research at all about their history or who Sophie is or more importantly, who her mom is - but if you were wondering, maybe google can help with that. But I do know that they have their main branch at a village in the south (not a south girl here, sorry). Is that enough background? Hihi. Anyway, the mandatory cupcake shots:

The first thing I noticed at first bite was its firm cream cheese frosting. It has that semi-solid cream consistency, something that won't melt or run easily. The frosting is rich and I can really taste the sourness in it, new from the default sweetness of most [red velvet] frosting.

The cake is on the dense and packed side, which I like. It also has enough moisture to make it feel soft, and the frosting's creaminess provide the rest of the needed moisture to have it melt and dissolve beautifully in the mouth. The cake isn't sweet, and contains bits of dark chocolate which are a nice touch and will be appreciated by those who prefer the not-too-sweet kind of cupcake. It's filling, really.

Melts in your mouth: 4
Moisture: 3.5
Packed or Light: On the packed side
Value for Money: 4
Raving? It's a good one.

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Claire said...

Oh man, red velvet. I haven't had a cupcake pero gusto ko yung mini-red velvet cakes na binebenta sa Mezza Norte. :)

Keep the cupcakes coming, Ghoent! ^_^

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