Saturday, July 23, 2011

SSAM @ 50! Grand Alumni Homecoming

Last Sunday was spent at the St. Scholastica's Academy of Marikina's 50th anniversary. I spent my entire childhood at Isko, from prep to high school (loyalty award in the bag!). Haven't been there since my sister's graduation last 2005 so its about time I pay my alma mater a visit. Spent an afternoon taking photos with everyone! Lalo na with the berkeda. Haha. 

Finally got to use this yellow clutch ever since I got it, err, 4 years ago?

emote much!

That in all things, God may be glorified.

Got to wear the Jellybean shoes na, finally! They're beautiful. Downside is I look awkwardly tall in pictures! Haha. Oh well, added height = shoe magic! <3 My name for the day = Lady Gaga. Lalalalalzz.

Kadabells = our kada's name. Yezzz the high school stuff that we can't grow out of. Haha.

A pic with kulasa batch '87, Amy Perez. She's super nice anddddd --- super bango! hahaha!

Tuwang tuwa lang haha. While waiting for our pictures to be taken for the digital yearbook!

The 2 twins of our batch! <3

St. Scho = major makeover! Kids today; so spoiled. #wordsofbitterness. Haha okay this is me blabbing now. 

I heart you batchmates! <3

Photos from Cris, Cecil, and Mizzelei
Congrats to my my kabarkada Bess! She gave birth to a baby boy (named baby Blu!) on the day of our homecoming! Galing! <3


JelenaDoll ~ said...

I love what your wearing, its so pretty/cute :))
Looks like you had such a fun full day, sooo many girls in the photos! Photos like this for me would be like a family reunion haha :p Hope your having a lovely weekend :))

ghoent said...

Thanks Jelena! It's an all girl school so not a lot of boys were there, most (if not all) were boyfriends of the attendees. Haha! =P Happy weekend to you too! =)

AVA T.♥ said...

Aww your friends and you look so happy :) oh congrats to your barkada who gave birth!:)

ghoent said...

happy nga! =) thanks Ava! =)

Gel said...

Wow! Hello fellow Kulasa! I've been with St. Scho since Prep til College pero sa St. Scho Manila ako. HS batch ko 2005 hehe. Cute naman na nagreunion kayo! :)

ghoent said...

Hi fellow Kulasa! Wow define loyalty, from prep to college! galing! :D

JHOANA said...

Gorgeous photos sis! and oh. I love your shoes! =) Congrats!! Loyalty award nga for you!!

btw, my first time here =)

ghoent said...

Thank you Jhoana! =)

Dana said...

You guys looked like you had a good time :)

fashioneggpplant said...

cute photos + outift! :)

ghoent said...

@Dana: we did! =) thank you for dropping by! =)

@Sarah: thank youuuuu! <3 =)

carlijn said...

lovely photos!

lor said...

Aww the two twins of our batch!! :)

Haha, I got a picture with Agot, hindi ko na nakita si Amy. :P

Oh, and I still am grumpy for missing that batch pic. Boohoohoo!

MariaKristela said...

I am a 'Kulasa' too! I miss the drinking fountain when I saw your photo. Hahaha! :)

ghoent said...

@Loreen: you missed the batch pic?! waaah diba nakita ka pa namin doon, tapos na pala yung batch pic nun? sayang! =( let's go back on the 75th! =P

@Maria Kristela: hello fella kulasa! i missed drinking from fountains too. so happy i got to do it when we went back. haha! =)

lor said...

oo tapos na! andun ako ng umaga tapos i just had to pick kacy up from work then pagbalik ko wala na! hahaha. oo, 75th! may batch presentation na tayo nun for sure! :P

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