i mean, i like the beach. i don't really get to frequent it (funds, time, friends - you know, the universe), but whenever possible, i'm there.

i don't know how to swim, btw.

the homonym of it, the one literally translating as a [cute pretty lovely] lady puppy (because i refuse to use the actual animal name), could sometimes also be used as an adjective for me. I am not proud of it, but. oh scrap that. i sometimes am. sometimes.

i am one for the twisted. i like things weird, different, unexpected. i find beauty in the unappreciated. there is no such thing as "ugly" - unless it's you. i mean your attitude, your manners, your ethics, your treatment of other people. the lack of a good sense of those disgust me. disgusting.

life without desserts, a sad sad life. i'll live, sure, but to think of living in that parallel world - i literally make a sad face with the thought. :( <-- me me me. i am for moist, dense cupcakes, and absolutely love desserts of chocomint or peppermint flavors.

i like to be more fearless. or let's at least start with the word adventurous. with food, i like acquired tastes. in life, maybe the same. i mean, i embrace whatever comes along, even if it needs "acquiring" aka adjusting. but that's not saying i won't be fighting for what i want. that is so not me.

i rephrase: with food, i like acquired tastes. in life, "challenge accepted". adventurous, fearless? i can only hope.

sometimes i make no sense, and many times i am random.

straightforward. sometimes with charm, sometimes without. i like it both ways.

usually not a damsel in distress, because that's too much of a so-last-millenium for me. a dumb one in stress, hey this you can call me. i have plenty of things to learn. everyday i find out more of how much there is to life, to people, to math, to banks, to korea, to china, and all other relevant and irrelevant things.

we can talk, i'm nice. mostly, i'm nice. if i'm not, get back to me in 24 hours. that should be enough.

hmmm. what else?

right. i love receiving postcards. let's be postcard buddies!

Send me one at: (office address)
Ghoent L. Rodriguez
19th floor The Taipan Place,
F. Ortigas Junior Avenue, Ortigas Center
1605 Pasig City, Philippines

write a return address so i can send you one back! :)
the weird, twisted, senseless, vintage, war era, novelty, clocks, transportation, old school are my favorite postcard themes. but. surprise me!

yep. i love good surprises.
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