Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A laborer's form of rest

How'd you spend Labor Day?

Didn't really expect mine to be as fulfilling and ~complete as it became, but it's a welcome surprise, of course. :)

Still with my super friends, the plan was to explore UP and do our usual tambay. Was both spontaneous and planned, we just wanted to get together again mid week. The Art Circle Cafe in front of Chocolate Kiss (ground floor) is really a beautiful place! I like the weird art of junk/scrap, the random pieces, and variety of paintings. I think we stayed there for a good 20 minutes, just looking at paintings and other pieces, and ogling at the awesomeness of that chess set made of bolts! We're engineers so you could just imagine us all "this is is too cool" and "soldering/welding the pieces to this shape is form of genius" etc. Graduating from a fairly math/science course has somehow made art more of a choice than its should-be everyday appreciation, so going back to art was really an objective for this day. We wanted to also visit the Vargas Museum and the Bonsai Garden but both were closed that day (hello holiday!). Next time, hopefully. Enjoyed UP nonetheless, always. :)

After dinner and some more tambay, I went home and found these on my bed:

Two postcards and a letter from World Vision. In my head, "So this is how it feels like to receive mail. AWEEESOME."!!

Inside World Vision's envelope was this:

A handwritten letter from my sponsored child. KILIGGGG. Huhuhu. I have been a really lazy sponsor because up until now, I haven't found the time to write to Shane (my cute sponsored kid!). Receiving this letter was a surprise and was just a great great way to end my labor day rest.

Friends, art, surprises, blessings, appreciation. The little things in life that when you think about, aren't really  little after all. They make up our every day, feelings, experience, memories, our sense of fulfillment. 2013's May 1st was a definite Labor Day escape for me. The fruits of my labor was well worth the work.

Hope yours was great too!


Claire said... ako nang sobra dun sa Harry Potter postcard mo, ang gandaaaaa!

Hurray snail mail! ^_^ Cute naman nung handwritten letter from World Vision!

ghoent said...

A postcard sent by my friend yung harry potter! Ang cute nga!! :P And yes, hurray talaga! I think receiving snail mail is a natural high. Unless bills yun or bearers of bad news. :))

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