Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rules of engagement

One less to the unemployed statistic, cheers! And the celebration doesn't stop at being employed; but extends to being hired at a position, and industry, and more importantly, company that I am happy to work for.

I have only been "working" for SEAOIL Philippines Inc. for 3 days now, but in that 3 days I can say that this is going to be a long-term relationship that I intend to take care of.

Rewind: Yes, I have really wanted to work in the energy sector. And yes, an oil company is as lucky as I can get. And the best part, is that I am a Management Trainee here; a post that will allow me to learn a lot and explore different paths. It's really an opportunity that I am thankful and grateful for. (Sobra!)

Working for SEAOIL is a whole different story. It's one thing to be happy that you are doing what you love, and a whole new bonus to work for a company that you believe in. I did not know a lot about SEAOIL prior to being an employee (except for their history that I reviewed for the interviews, syempre), but knowing and experiencing their core and culture has just been overwhelming.

It's probably one of the many reasons why every day I fall more in love with SEAOIL. It's because our values are so much aligned (read: INTEGRITY, among 6) that sharing the same path with them is not just career and knowledge enriching, but also individually reinforcing.

I say (write) "working" with quotation marks because honestly, I think I should be paying SEAOIL for teaching me an immense amount of knowledge in just a span of 3 days. Seriously. Didn't feel like work at all. It's like attending a seminar that's of great value. I expect no less in the coming days (adventures - literally up for next week!), and I look forward to every single day ahead.

My official first day at work was last Friday. But a day before that, Thursday (apir Rebecca Black-ish!), my MT batchmates and I (there are 9 of us) had lunch with the Chairman (founder) and VPs and Senior managers/officers of the company. It was an intimate meet-and-greet (artista lang!) slash welcoming (i think) to the company. The 9 of us were seated a seat apart, with the VPs and officers/managers seated in between to chat and enjoy over lunch.

Florabel, The Podium.
Us MTs were early so caught the setting up stage. The only pic I took, of course.

That alone is an act that I truly admire. They are the type of owners that you see in the office that actually smile back and really talk to employees (unlike in other big companies where you only see your "big boss/owner" once in your career life, or maybe even never). One of the VPs (one of the Chariman's sons) has actually been our mentor/speaker for the past 2 days; and he is awesome. I don't use that word - ever - because I prefer the word amazing - but he's just freaking awesome. And I don't mean in a Barney Stinson loud kind of way, but in a silent-killer inspiring kind of way. Walang ere. None at all. But very inspiring and has the great balance of knowledge and wisdom. Awesome.

Dang. I hope this doesn't look like a sponsored post. HAHA. I really want to talk about the company and my first three days but I'd like this to be more of an I'm-so-happy-I-just-cant-stop-thanking type of entry. So thank You thank You thank You.

I don't think my words can ever justify how I happy I am and how amazing (see, I like that word) SEAOIL is. Of course, I've only been here three days, so we'll see if I still feel the same way in a few months, or years.

And yes, if before being hired by SEAOIL I can get to pick the oil company I'd work for, it wouldn't be my first choice.

But now that I know and understand a lot more, ask me again and I'll stay with SEAOIL - in a heartbeat.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Now I'm hungry

I cannot say enough on this blog how much I love Mexican food. It's only second to my favorite Italian, but it's a close second that I sometimes doubt which really is my top pick. Yep, problems in life. Whutz.

Last weekend the family went out and landed at Megamall to grab some lunch. We ate at El Pollo Loco, and it is only my second time to eat here. I enjoyed my first go so I suggested we eat here again; so that inay and brother can try it too. Sister and itay already know this place so blah blah blah you get it. (right?)

I'm not really sure if this is a Mexican place (because chicken is the star of the menu), but since I taste Mexican flavors, I guess it is. (Not in the mood to google and check, too.)

So how do I explain this. The restaurant has different plates you can order, and each of us ordered the 2pc Chicken Combo which comes with 2 sides, 2 pieces of tortilla, and salsa. Each of us had rice as one of the sides, and I chose beans as my second. Itay and sister had corn, inay had coleslaw, and brother had potato salad. You have a choice to whether get "mild" or "hot (?)" salsa, and we all chose the latter. You can also either order white or dark meat, whichever your taste buds crave.

2 pc Chicken Combo P185

We asked for another plate each where we can assemble the food. That's my 2 pieces of tortilla.

The chicken skin is yummy (not a food blogger. yummy = yummy like I always say)! It's thin, crispy but chewy, tasty and juicy (hello rhyming words!). I just had to get that out of the way.

The fun part is arranging the food into a burrito! We first layer in a couple of spoons of the moist, delicious Mexican rice that smells really good! Then lots and lots and looots of chicken (so that you'll get to taste it), then the beans (for me), and top it off with plenty of salsa (my favorite next to the rice!).

looking at this makes me hungry

Its a little messy to eat but once you get the hang of it, it'll be a breeze to arrange and gulp down. You'll have plenty of rice and chicken as leftover, so you can order more tortillas or just eat them the regular ulam-kanin way. I also tried adding corn and coleslaw along with my beans, and the sweet touch gives it a nice Pinoy flavor. This may not look a lot but this is a plateful, I tell you. Not for the weak! I couldn't finish my plate (sorry poooooo!) because I was so full. Had some rice leftover and took home my second chicken (inay also couldn't finish her chicken #2!).

Super sulit at P185! We were full, satisfied pigs -- I mean respectable human beings that left the place with a smile (and bulging belly) on our face (and stomach errr). I'll eat here again for sure! When I'm starving, and craving for Mexican food! 

Naks. I am now putting watermarks on my photos. Kahit pa cellphone ko lang ang gamit ko dyan, they're still mine! So protect protect mode on! Hohoho.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Chapter One

Let's see. I just finished living a book, worth more or less 5 years. It was a great book, my favorite so far, and the unhappy ending makes it even more engaging.

But that's done now. And as much as I love re-reading that story, it would make much better sense if I just live a new best seller.

So, Chapter One.

Last 11/11/11, I got to spend the day signing my job offer in a position and company that I really prayed for. Dang! Talk about closing one door and opening a huge one next.

My blog title "Jump to Reality" suddenly becomes more fitting. As I am now really getting to experience real life pains and happiness. That first heart break. That first job. Madness both, but completely of opposite directions.

Earlier today I got to formally sign the job contract. I am set to start late next week, and I can't wait to finally get this ball rolling. Will share my experiences as the story of this next book unravels. Are you excited for me? To say that I am looking forward to this new life is an understatement. I have high hopes that this new book will be an even better read that the first.

Adventures, oh how I missed you.

Pink 5ive

I guess I felt it. The slow loss of your warmth. But I never really wanted to see it, as I always only thought of it as you being tired with work. And of course, you had all the right to be tired. So I wanted just to be there massaging you when you have headaches, or gliding my fingers through your hair as I fix it; even though you look amazing whether or not you comb.

It's all my fault; I now realize.

Realizations only come when we are somewhere between the stages of being hurt and moving on. It's when we're a little past that stage of sudden crying while taking a bath, commuting, or eating; and right at the start of the phase of being strong and regrouping your life.

Then you ask yourself, "are these realizations, absolute truths, or my truths?"

I remember you in everything that I do. I walk around Megamall and remember our dates; I eat at World Chicken and I think of our usual order. Heck, my bed sheets now are a gift from your parents. But I take them all in. I close my eyes and savor the memories, and try to smile as I fight my tears.

Am I now really starting to regroup? Am I actually able to stand up from this in less than a month? I do not have a choice. I may be rushing into healing that I only get to put band aids on my wounds without really cleaning and treating them. But. The world won't wait for me. I gotta keep up.

It doesn't really matter. Whatever gets you going, whatever will help you become a better person, and whatever will help you heal your shattered heart, is all the truth you need. Trust yourself in knowing what you did right and what you did wrong. And it will be easier to move along with truths that are accepted by the heart and mind.

Acceptance. You acknowledge, you nod. And you hope that it may change. You accept, you embrace. And let go of your own ways. I still cry and get sad every now and then. I acknowledge that. But for now, the world leaves me with no choice but to a life that is to start from scratch.

And I embrace it.

Freewriting while idle earlier in the afternoon. Started this trail of thought when I heard Silent Sanctuary's "Pink 5ive" play on the radio, hence the title.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Some vital piece of information

So not in the mood to blog. But, I really think I have to share this piece of information to everyone out there. Have to pay forward, cause I've been lucky these past few days.

Now to the point! I have recently been called back from a job (that I really prayed for) and got accepted! YEY ME!! Thank You God.

They emailed me a list of some of my partial requirements, and one of them is a nightmare to get; the NBI Clearance.

We've all heard the story. People having to line up at 3-4am (some even at 1am!) just to make it to the 500-applicants-per-day cutoff. It's a shame, really, as it reflects the system (or the lack of it) of our government.

To know why such lines exist, just google it.
**In a nutshell, everyone's now considered as a new applicant, no more renewals, so lines are crazy. (Approve the ID System NOW!!)**

So the question is, where to get your clearance without having to waste an entire day waiting, waiting, and waiiiiting? The answer, at Robinson's Otis!

Haven't heard of it prior to my need of a location for a more "convenient"  place to get my clearance. It's relatively an unheard-of Robinson's branch so people don't really know that they can get their clearance from there. (And really, it's not too commuter-friendly. Weird location. Or maybe am just not familiar with the place.)

Fastforward: I got a hold of my clearance after 3 hours! NOT BAD AT ALL. If you google for NBI experiences, you'll get to read stories saying they lined up at 4am and got their clearance at 4pm, or something along the lines of that! My sister's got a first hand experince of this from Ronbinson's Metro East. She lined up at 6am and got her clearance at around 5pm. And I think she's lucky, cause from what I've heard recently, at 5am the 500 slots are all already filled.

I could have gotten my clearance from Rob Otis at a much less time if only I had taken note of the following:

1. I went there on a Tuesday (November 8), and arrived at 1:11pm (finished at exactly 4pm!). Monday (November 7) was a holiday.
My mistake: It was the start of the week!
Should have: Lined during midweek. i.e., Wednesday, Thursday
Another improvement: Should've been there a little earlier. I think the best time would be immediately after lunch. Like 12:30pm. But going really early is a good strategy too, i think. Go for 8 am if you're within the area! I don't know if they take lunch breaks, but if they do, then that's another story.

2. I took the long route. I came from UP Diliman to process some documents and when I googled for commute instructions, all I found were LRT-1 instructions.
Rewind: From UP, I took a jeep to Katipunan, boarded the LRT-2 Katipunan Station and alighted at Recto Station. Then crossed to LRT 1 Doroteo Jose Station (they are connected via bridge), then squeezed my way into the train and alighted at UN Avenue Station. I then took a tricycle (10 pesos. Do not take a pedicab!) to the mall.
My mistake: Taking the LRT all the way to Recto. And having to go through the crazy LRT 1 sardinas mayhem.
Should have: Alighted at Pureza station of LRT 2!

Fastorward: My route FROM Robinson's Otis after getting my clearance (I was too tired to go all the way back to LRT 1 so I asked kuya guard for some commute routes. Go me!) : Rode a jeep from the mall front, and asked kuya driver for Nagtahan Bridge (alight in front of Save More. 8 pesos). From Nagtahan Bridge, you can just walk (I could've walked this distance. But I was tireeeed and had some girl hormones acting up so took a jeep instead. 8 pesos) to Pureza station (just ask to which direction). A warning though: if you are not a fan of walking, then ride a jeepney! From estimates, its probably shorter than a kilometer but heh. 5-10minutes walk maybe. =)

So, you'll just have to research the commute way FROM Pureza Station to Robinson's Otis. And save yourself from the chaos of LRT 1 and even get to save some commute coins.

Some more tips:
1. If you plan on going alone (like me!), then do not be shy to ask your seatmate (they have waiting areas that are airconditioned and have proper chairs. Wooot!) to save your seat when you have to go to the restroom (or buy some waffles for lunch, like me. hohoho). Leave a folder behind or something. NOT your belongings, of course!

2. Bring plenty of water and snacks. I paid 20 pesos for a bottle of water (because I already finished my own bottle) and had to buy some quick lunch/meryenda beacuse I didn't have food with me, and because it was embarassing to have my seat reserved while I order some "real fast food".

3. Always bring a pen with you! Always. Did you know that pens are a common ground for bacteria? (I forgot where I read this. But makes a lot of sense.)

4. Come there weeks before you need your clearance. I got mine the same day because I didn't have a "hit" (aka my name didn't match any ~criminal's~ name who has a record.). If you are not too lucky (like my seatmate. or if you have the most common name ever), then they'll ask you to come back weeks after. (seatmate was asked to return on November 21. ouch.).

Okay. what else. That's it I guess.

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