Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nakaligo din sa wakas

Mas natutuloy talaga ang lakad kapag biglaan no? Yes! Am referring to the galera trip that was planned for almost a month that ended up being cancelled, and this outing that was planned in less than a day but pushed through. AT LAST, waterzzz!

Around 12:30 pm last wednesday I received a text from karen that our department is sponsoring a batch outing. Sponsoring as in using funds that were not used for a supposed plant visit at SunPower Philippines. Libre transpo, food, accomodations, everything! Gah, perfect for a poor girl like me! Meeting place was at UP Dil 7pm that same day, since the overnight outing was scheduled from 8pm to 8am at 3B Resort in Antipolo. Didn't think parents would allow me to go cause they're the most OA ever, wanting a 1week notice before any overnight trips (that I hardly ever attend), especially if it involves swimming. But I really wanted to come so, there's no stopping me! HAHA. Thay said yes eventually.

The twist, is that it isn't a deprtment-sponsored trip afterall. Justin paid for everything! He's our Summa Cum Laude batchmate, the first Summa graduate in our department's history. Ang humble lang talaga. Hindi pa sinabing siya yung may sagot, dinamay pa yung deprtment! Congrats Justin!

Really cute and nice couple Justin and Che.

Not much photos were taken but here's a few that would try to sum up that night. No photos can sum it up. Hindi kita dito na sobrang basag at wasak ng mga profs. They're fun to watch actually, HAHAHAHA. Natatawa parin ako pagnaiisip ko. From prim and proper inside the class to.. well, "lasing"! Mga promotor ng inuman! =P

Ma'am Marianne, Ma'am Arlene, and Sir Kenneth. Nagtitimpla na!

Cheers! Sir Kenneth (Cut out left), Ma'am Marianne, Sir Jude (in green), and Ma'am Arlene drinking.

Me, Jill, Izzy and Justin. Tuyo pa ang girls! Pinapakiramdaman pa ang tubig.


Favorite part ko was when the profs were dragging and throwing (oo!) people into the pool. Jessa, Mikko, and Sir Clod were dragged  and pushed in their jeans! Grabe, walang patawad!

Thanks Justin! And congrats to all my batchmates! Recognition Rites nga pala today, so they're now officially graduates of UP Dil! Yey! =) Thesis partners Kumi, Vince and I maybe going out for dinner tonight. Libre ni Vince since he's the only one graduating among the three of us plus birthday niya kahapon. HAHA. Belated happy birthday Vince! Sana matuloy din no? Sana!

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