Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Last Student Supper

Its almost thursday so an entry before the holy week! Just a photodump post on the grad party I decided to attend last minute (medyo lang, haha). I really had my mind set not to attend any grad-related events, and I have broken them twice already. First was when I went to the swimming grad party supposedly sposored by the department (but was actually Justin's summa celebration), and now the engg grad party. Kumi asked Vince and I to come to the event when we had our dinner last saturday. So, okay, monday is party time!

The event was entitled Cirque Au Revoir. Don't know why, and didn't bother to know why. Lazy me, I was focused on what to wear at such short notice! HAHA arte lang. Dress code: Semiformal. Nice. Not too difficult. I decided to wear this black dress that I think I've had since 2 years ago, but didn't have any event to wear to. Buying a new dress didn't even slip into mind because obviously I don't have the income nor any allowance. Sooo, the debut of this little black dress it is.

Spent the party with you-know-who, Kumi and Vince. And with Rendell too, our batchmate. It was held at The Grand Terrace along commonwealth. Nice place, like the interiors, I have a few comments about the buffet area but I'm too lazy to share them so let's just jump to the photos.

Ganda ng CR so nagpaka vain? HAHA. =P

Tried the sock-on-shoe bit cause I think my black dress was too "normal". Dunno how I fared but can I just say, wearing 4inch chunky heels is waaaaay more comfortable than wearing 3inch stilettos! Note to self, the next time I buy shoes for work or for play, stick to chunky heels!

Anyway, more pictures!

UP Repertory

Belly dancers in the house! (sorry i forgot their org name. +_+ ambastos ko na, tsk) They were really good. And of course, they got the male inhinyeros' bloods pumping! =P

And a really good band. (I think). I was outside waiting for our turn on the photobooth so wasn't able to watch. HIHI. (Photos are grabbed, yes.)

Mobile bar with drinks that tasted like plain juice. Nothing more. Was looking forward to drinking pa naman! (Because I usually don't drink. Wait. Yes I don't really drink.)

With ME friend Rainier! Suuuuuper adore his mental top!!

Doing the "fierce" look that I so failed and he so nailed.

And photobooth shots!

Was happy I came. Got to celebrate my last night with the faces I used to always see everyday. HUHUHU. HAHA. Pluuuuusss, I got to meet Claire!! Hi Claire! Super happy we finally met! Akalain mo, we met on the last engg event of 2011, as students! Haha! =P

EDIT: a piture with (and grabbed from) fellow blogger Claire! Beautiful! :D


Claire said...

"they got the male inhinyeros' bloods pumping" <-I must agree on this. :))

I think you did a great take on the socks+shoes! :D

ghoent said...

Yahoo thank you Claire! =P

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