Monday, April 11, 2011

My Bess Friend's Wedding

First of all, I'd like to congratulate my friend Bess and her now husband Jayjay. Have a beautiful married life you guys!

Second, I'd like to thank Candice for a really cute play on the words hence that cute title. HAHA. HAAAAHA.

Was a beautiful wedding, the first from our barkada.

St. Scho kada with John and cute bibbo Xionne.

Twas also nice that kulasas got to have a mini reunion c/o Bess' wedding. Hihi, really nice to see people again. Brought all that high school vibe back.

With Pyvez and the kambal Cris and Cecil

Cecil, Me, and highschool friends Bea and Candice

Yna, bagay kayo ni Vincent! Kayo na ang matangkad! =P

Too bad bf couldn't join us because of his cousin's graduation. Would've asked him to marry me sana, awwww. Buti na lang. HAHA. =P

Wacky with the couple!

In a world of short dresses, I decided to do long skirt. With my favorite print of course, polkadots!

Spot the 3 ribbons on my outfit. =P Ribbons are <3

Pyvez, your up next! Can't wait for December! 2 weddings in 1 year, tis the year of L-O-V-E alright! <3


Claire said...

SO NICE! Gusto ko na rin maranasan magkaroon ng friends na ikasal (kaso mukhang wala pa even though I have older friends). Haha.

"Would've asked him to marry me sana, awwww." Nice one!

ghoent said...

Claire, in about 2 years time, I'm sure magkakaron ka narin ng friend's wedding to attend, hahaha! =P tapos a few years more, a wedding of your own. naks! :D

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