Tuesday, April 26, 2011


You a dog lover? Bf is, but I'm not. We would always kid of ending up not marrying each other (grabe lang sa usapan no?) because I don't like dogs while he has 3 in their province I think. HAHA. As of now we've decided not have any when (we'd like to think it's not a question of IF anymore, mwahahha) we get married. Dunno if that will still hold in the future though, he can get persuasive sometimes.

Last Sunday night, sister, brother and I watched Hachiko on DVD. Bumming here lately was synonymous to movie and series marathons, with of course a lot of eating on the side.

I will not spoil anything, but please believe me when I say it made me CRY. Capital C R Y. HAHA. Don't google Hachiko, he's too famous that you'll be spoiled of the plot exactly. It's based on a true story, about a dog and his master.

Proof of how it made us cry: pictures of my sister! HAHAHA.


Claire said...

"we'd like to think it's not a question of IF anymore" <- Ayun! Yikee! <3

Nikki Abella said...

This movie made me cry tooooo! A new follower here! :))

We have the same bg wallpaper! HAHA! :)) Great blog!


ghoent said...

@Claire: Ganun talaga, feeling eh, HAHAHA! =P

@Nikki: Diba? iyak ng sooobra. haha! Thanks for dropping by! <3

kumiyama said...

omg super umiyak ako diyan :)) mama watched it before me, tas nung una pinagtatawanan ko siya kung bakit niya iniyakan yun... tas nung ako na, ahh wala, bumaha :)))

aww sana magustuhan mo magka-dog, ghoent. maasahan silang kasama sa bahay, haha, bantay at kalaro :))

hahaha bilang 6 pa ang aso namin. :)) (umabot sa 13 dati :)) )

ghoent said...

naku kumi, di talaga ako fan ng mga aso. =( they're cute and all pero iisipin ko lang yung kalat, ayaw ko na. haha! =P dami mong aso!

Lloyda said...

hachiko is one of my fave movies. i still cry buckets even though i've seen it a lot of times.

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