Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Chuck and Pancakes

I kind of miss doing nothing exactly productive aka bumming since this last few weeks, school work was consuming my entire energy reserves. Am enjoying my vacation FOR NOW, as i know ill be dead bored in a few days/weeks. But waking up at almost 12 and sleeping at around 2am, oh that feels nice. And sinful.

Anyway what kept me busy for 2 days was remaking Ghoent Junior's website, and now that its done (but not perfect, my css skillz are at an amateur level still), im back at my eating-only-and-marathoning-series to burn time. For now, im watching Chuck. Can't believe i waited this long to actually start watching this awesome (yeah!) show. Bullet in my head please.

Also got to do a little experimenting with pretend cooking here at home. Baked some instant pancake mix, as i was too lazy to cook them "properly".

Turned out ok, added some instant coffee while I was at it in an attempt to have a mocha-coffee-bitter-ish flavor. Was ok but not great, but enough to get me full haha. Topped it with some ice cream just to balance, err, balance the taste whatever.

Doesn't look too yummy but its good enough for me. My standards, well, that is the question. HAHA. =P

Sarah = gorgeous.

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Claire said...

Coffee! That's actually a good idea.

Aaaand... sarap maging bum :)) haha

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