Wednesday, February 6, 2013

An idiom realized: Part 1

I think it's cool that I got to experience an idiom the legit way. You know, the whole "Start the year with a bang!" thing. I love it, January! <3 I'm dividing this post into 2 parts, first with the happenings, and the next part with financial shizz (yeah finally some finance direction in my life!).

I kicked off this year pretty much with just that Yes Man in me. I was everywhere (excuse my use of words, I am using them loosely and relative to my ~past my-parents-are-super-strict custom.)!

Events aka random happenings

January 3: Imay in Manila

A close orgmate went home to the Philippines from a work assignment in Malaysia and our group of friends was of course present to welcome him.

We are all orgmates from PSME (Pisme, Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers - UP), and even though I later on shifted out of ME into another engineering track, I can say that these group of people are my closest UP friends. Super fun to have ME friends, I tell you. Everyone's super gago! (Yes please excuse mi linguahe).

January 5: Thesis Group Reunited

I am one of the (very few) people who got to do thesis with a group. Most did their own individually, or with a partner, but hardly with 2 other people. (now that I try to recall, I can't think of any other thesis group aside from ours!)

Anyway, I am lucky that I got to do thesis with Kumi and Vince. We may have had our moments of misunderstanding (aka silent treatment inisan hahaha) but we sure did make a good team. Both of them are now working in province areas (Plant work) so scheduling a get together isn't as easy. Good thing we got to do lunch this time!

January 5-6: First overnight of the year

Right after our lunch tambay I went straight to Muntinlupa for an overnight with my Pisme friends. Imay was set to fly back to Malaysia within the month (he doesn't know when, the company loves to surprise him. lol), and this time for good. We were spending every minute possible with him because he had limited vacation leaves for when he is permanently deployed in Malaysia. Plenty of kwento, a few drinks, and even badminton and a movie the following day. Sulit na sulit!

January 9: 24th

It was a friend's 24th birthday, again part of the Pisme group, and she decided to invite us last minute for dinner at her place in Taguig. I'd usually think twice before I go for these last minute invites because one: I'm your modern Cinderella, two: Taguig is like a province to me. I'm from Marikina/Antipolo! Three: We've previously set a dinner for the following day for Imay's final despedida, so my parents may not like the ~spacing of my lakads. And four: well not as big of a factor, but January 9 is a Wednesday, meaning I have work the following day. My Yes Man prevailed though because well, it is her birthday!

I got her kikay stuff, of course (well not "of course" but more "just because"). My favorite Maybelline Magnum Volum Express mascara and Lory's conditioner (although I just switched and currently trying out TRESemme) because she said she doesn't use any (conditioner). That is UNacceptable! Haha. I think using a conditioner is a must. Thank you. Lol.

January 10: Last Supper

So this is it. We found out that Imay's flight to Malaysia is set on January 13. Of course we had to have our last dinner together. Spent the night eating, playing at Timezone, and playing Exhaust at Starbucks. Exhaust is also known as Categories, where a category is given and each person gives an example, until everything is exhausted - wherewhich the last man standing wins. I won the category of Colors!! :D My winning color, Auburn (my current hair color)! Yey! Haha.

January 12: Surprise!

Weeeelll I guess we are possessive friends. Haha. Our group decided it would be fun to surprise Imay one last time, on the eve of his flight. I was actually not sure if I could come on this one because I got home really late from Thursday's renegade (around 1:30am I think. Exhaust is a fun game!!) and itay wasn't exactly happy. So friday I nervously asked for his permission for another overnight, and explained to him that it's a surprise despedida. He was surprisingly okay with it and even suggested a place at Megamall where we can buy personalized stuff for Imay as parting gift! Me = relieved. Yeyeyey!

My friend and I (the one who just celebrated her birthday) then spent the whole afternoon of the 12th looking for gifts for Imay. We settled for a cap (because he loves them), a short sleeved polo (because he never buys one for himself), a nice belt (because he needs one), and a framed collage of his face and ours. HAHA. We even bought balloons and food and his favorite desserts, because we love him that much. It was a tiring afternoon but his reaction was just priceless. :) We got to nap for about 30mins before we left for his flight scheduled at 6am.

Imay wearing the polo and belt! Hahaha.
Imay's one of my heroes. He's just so down to earth, puts everyone before him, a true inspiration and leader, totally deserving of all the blessings he's been receiving. I'm thinking of dedicating a post to him to inspire others also but, well, we'll see. Haha.

January 16: MTs and Charlie

Our group of Management Trainees finally got to reunite this time! We've parted ways since May of 2012 and have had a few drinks every now and then, but the 9 of us never really hanged out complete. This time we (almost!!!) did, save for Lyn who wasn't able to come. :( 8 out of 9 attendees, I'll take it. :) We ate at Charlie's for dinner, yum!

The others had to leave after, but a few of us stayed for drinks at Central. Us who stayed are actually my very first legit drinking buddies! Our group that I like to call the "Katipunan Boys" (excluding me, of course) is my very first set of ~regular drinking buds. We used to drink almost every other week, on weekdays, at Cantina in Katipunan. Too bad that one closed down. This was very reminiscent of all our drinks together. Fun night indeed!

January 19-23: Ati-atihan and Boracay 2013!

First time for me to watch Ati-atihan! Inay is from Aklan, and we've visited Aklan a few times since I was a kid during Summer. I never got to watch Ati-atihan though because it's held every January, awkwardly positioned after Christmas Vacation where all pending requirements are usually due. Anyway, this year we got to schedule things so yey for that!

After Ati-atihan we went to Boracay for an overnight relaxation. I just went to Boracay last September with officemates, and now I'm back with family. A very welcome vacation! I don't think I'll ever get tired of the beach. It's just a place where appreciation can't end. There's the sand, the water, the sunset, the people, the lifestyle. Fitting for my January. :) January 23 is also Itay's birthday, so when we got back at Manila we celebrated his 51st by having dinner out. Pig out week, you could imagine!

January 30: BFFs Meet

Finally I got to meet up again with my closest friends ever, Flo and Dren. They were my classmates when I spent my first year college at UST before I transferred to UP. We only had that 1 year as foundation but friendships really aren't just about the time people spend together, but I'd say that instant jive of wavelengths. We still meet every now and then (and always update through email) and this time we had to meet because Dren was assigned in the US to work for 6 months! Another despedida! Food and stories and updates, as always.

Parang gradpic lang kung maka-postura!

I love these two people. I'm not really the type who labels friendships and all but if I'd have to answer a slam book for my "BFFs:", it would be these two. <3

Next up, some new info on finance for the dumb (aka me).


Claire said...

My parents din super strict nung undergrad ako! Pati mga orgs ko ayaw talaga nila as in nagagalit sila haha. Pero ngayong may work na ako, parang wala na silang pakialam basta magpaalam ako nang maayos (and thankful na rin sila sa orgs ko haha).

Grabe, nakaka-miss Boracay. Ang fun naman!! :D Before, di ko gets kung bakit yung mga tao paulit-ulit pumunta sa Boracay (ayoko kasi pumupunta sa iisang lugar nang maraming beses kasi mas gusto kong gastusin ang pera ko sa pag-explore ng ibang lugar) pero after going there... haha na-gets ko na kung bakit masayang magpabalik-balik sa Boracay. :)) At di ko kinaya ang tiyan, Ghoent! What's the secret? Char! :)) Waaahhhh bikini season na, kaialngan nang magpapayat! :D

ghoent said...

Claire. Are we long lost sisters or what?? Hahaha! Super same tayooo. Nung undergrad ako sobrang strict nila kaya hindi ako nakapag-active sa orgs ko as much as I would have liked. Pero ngayon basta tamang paalam lang mas "madali" na. Hahaha! :P

Same realization! Ngayon pa lang parang nagiimagine na ako ulit ng beach aka boracay. Sarap lang bumalik balik! Hahaha. Chosss naman talaga sa tiyan, umaanggulo lang! :)) Kailangan na nga ng mas matinding control, summer timeeeee! :D

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