Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Summer where it rains.

I finally, finally got to go out of town with friends now, from since approximately... I don't know, my birth! And I mean to a place where it requires an airplane to get to -- because Tagaytay etc do not exactly qualify ---- let's say, some place like Boracay. Boracay!

I spent the last weekend of September at Boracay with girl co-workers. I am currently the unica ija of the MTs so my girl pals at the office belong to another set of friends. Anyway, they invited me to go last mid September and because 1.) I've always wanted to travel with friends, 2.) the fare and accommodations were cheap and 3.) the schedule was perfect - fit seamlessly with my work sched (only half day friday leave!) and body hormones sched (you get me), it was a no-brainer.!

I had the flight booked that same afternoon, and only told my parents about it the day after. They can't do anything about it that way, I guess, and it was more of an FYI than a "May I" sort of thing. Sneaky. My Cinderella days are really now ~evolving. Haha!

Here are a few (I lie. I tried to paste in only a few but...) photos from that weekend:

Of course, plenty of pics just calls for filtering. The boracay stories will stay there, and among us 5. It was a gloomy Saturday then but was followed by a scorching hot Sunday; so at least we got to experience both sky moods.

I was able to get a few things from there, 2 of which are these:

Bottled salsa and vinaigrette. I am yet to taste the vinaigrette, and the salsa's already more than halfway finished. It tastes sour and may be bordering tomato paste sour (good texture/consistency though) but I love it that way! I just add in some basil and a pinch of salt to really bring out it's flavor (I havo NO idea of what I am talking about but I add them in anyway). Next time I go there, I'll probably hoard more of these. I think this salsa cost me P165? And the vinaigrette's only P120. Not bad.

I am still missing the sand and beautiful vibes from that beautiful weekend. I truly hope that more adventures come in at this last quarter of the year.

Thank You for all these!! :)


Claire said...

Wheeee! So nice, Ghoent! Ang flat ng tiyan, woohoo, sexy!

Booked din ako for Boracay in less than two weeks (sinakto talaga after hell week hahaha). Di ko siya iniisip (ayoko muna) pero bigla akong na-excite nung nakita ko blog entry mo. ^_^

ghoent said...

Hahahahaha! Lakas magfeeling eh no, nagdyeta talaga from the day na nabook flight! Ngayon balik kain forever! :))

Wow Claire ang saya naman pala ng motivation mo to go through hell week! Goooo! Sarap nga bumalik e, enjoy (it in less than 2 weeks)!! :)

Gina Gao said...

These photos look like fun! I'm glad you guys had a fun time.

ghoent said...

Thank you! We did, super saya! :)

RaeAbigael said...

fabulous! i love it :)
visit my blog too?
xoxo. :)

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