Thursday, November 17, 2011

Chapter One

Let's see. I just finished living a book, worth more or less 5 years. It was a great book, my favorite so far, and the unhappy ending makes it even more engaging.

But that's done now. And as much as I love re-reading that story, it would make much better sense if I just live a new best seller.

So, Chapter One.

Last 11/11/11, I got to spend the day signing my job offer in a position and company that I really prayed for. Dang! Talk about closing one door and opening a huge one next.

My blog title "Jump to Reality" suddenly becomes more fitting. As I am now really getting to experience real life pains and happiness. That first heart break. That first job. Madness both, but completely of opposite directions.

Earlier today I got to formally sign the job contract. I am set to start late next week, and I can't wait to finally get this ball rolling. Will share my experiences as the story of this next book unravels. Are you excited for me? To say that I am looking forward to this new life is an understatement. I have high hopes that this new book will be an even better read that the first.

Adventures, oh how I missed you.


Claire said...

Congratulations and good luck, Ghoent!

Phew, reality!!

ghoent said...

thank you Claire! :D

bestie said...

You write beautifully, and so expressively. (: congratulations on your new job! I hope it's everything you ever wanted - and more.

Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my posts. I appreciate every single one of them. <3

ghoent said...

@bestie: my gahsz! thank you for dropping by my blog bestie! <3 and thank you, i have high hopes for this new venture! =)

krissy ♥ said...

This makes me sad :( But at the same time, I really like how it has given you new insights. Whenever you get sad, just keep in mind "This, too, shall pass." That's what I kept on telling myself before. This might also help:

PS: I also love your writing style :)

ghoent said...

Krissy! you are the second person to give that exact same line to me. "This, too, shall pass." And true enough, i really keep on reminding myself that it will. Thank you sobra. =) read your entry, super thank you for the list! very helpful. =)

krissy ♥ said...

Glad I was able to help :) If ever you need to talk or rant, just shoot me an email or whatever ;)

ghoent said...

Thank you Krissyyyy! <3 =)

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