Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Now I'm hungry

I cannot say enough on this blog how much I love Mexican food. It's only second to my favorite Italian, but it's a close second that I sometimes doubt which really is my top pick. Yep, problems in life. Whutz.

Last weekend the family went out and landed at Megamall to grab some lunch. We ate at El Pollo Loco, and it is only my second time to eat here. I enjoyed my first go so I suggested we eat here again; so that inay and brother can try it too. Sister and itay already know this place so blah blah blah you get it. (right?)

I'm not really sure if this is a Mexican place (because chicken is the star of the menu), but since I taste Mexican flavors, I guess it is. (Not in the mood to google and check, too.)

So how do I explain this. The restaurant has different plates you can order, and each of us ordered the 2pc Chicken Combo which comes with 2 sides, 2 pieces of tortilla, and salsa. Each of us had rice as one of the sides, and I chose beans as my second. Itay and sister had corn, inay had coleslaw, and brother had potato salad. You have a choice to whether get "mild" or "hot (?)" salsa, and we all chose the latter. You can also either order white or dark meat, whichever your taste buds crave.

2 pc Chicken Combo P185

We asked for another plate each where we can assemble the food. That's my 2 pieces of tortilla.

The chicken skin is yummy (not a food blogger. yummy = yummy like I always say)! It's thin, crispy but chewy, tasty and juicy (hello rhyming words!). I just had to get that out of the way.

The fun part is arranging the food into a burrito! We first layer in a couple of spoons of the moist, delicious Mexican rice that smells really good! Then lots and lots and looots of chicken (so that you'll get to taste it), then the beans (for me), and top it off with plenty of salsa (my favorite next to the rice!).

looking at this makes me hungry

Its a little messy to eat but once you get the hang of it, it'll be a breeze to arrange and gulp down. You'll have plenty of rice and chicken as leftover, so you can order more tortillas or just eat them the regular ulam-kanin way. I also tried adding corn and coleslaw along with my beans, and the sweet touch gives it a nice Pinoy flavor. This may not look a lot but this is a plateful, I tell you. Not for the weak! I couldn't finish my plate (sorry poooooo!) because I was so full. Had some rice leftover and took home my second chicken (inay also couldn't finish her chicken #2!).

Super sulit at P185! We were full, satisfied pigs -- I mean respectable human beings that left the place with a smile (and bulging belly) on our face (and stomach errr). I'll eat here again for sure! When I'm starving, and craving for Mexican food! 

Naks. I am now putting watermarks on my photos. Kahit pa cellphone ko lang ang gamit ko dyan, they're still mine! So protect protect mode on! Hohoho.


Gela said...

i've only really gotten into Mexican food sometime this year. i can't get enough of tacoooos!

that make your own burrito looks yum!

boat ride through the sky

ching said...

gosh these are tasty.

Eva said...

Wow. Food! Food! :)

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