Sunday, December 18, 2011

The day(s) I was a gas girl. Seriously.

Wooozah! I can now cross out being a gas girl off my list of adventures to try. I don't actually have a list; but loading jeepneys, tricycles, motorbikes and private cars with gas/diesel is too interesting to not be part of a list to cross out. Oo na lang, di ba?

Some of my MT (Management Trainee) batchmates

We had a 12day workweek from December 5-16 so to say that I was busy was dead true. Even had to skip my friend's wedding (which was scheduled since last year!) because of schedule conflicts.


Part of the MT Program is the immersion of the MTs in gas stations. I won't go into the details but the bottomline is we were assigned at different Seaoil  stations (depending on our location) to perform Service Crew (aka gas girl/boy) and Cashiering duties. We underwent training and even took a finals (hands on and written) exam to validate our knowledge. C'mon. I perfected the service crew hands on exam! HAHA. Potential career!

Seaoil - Nangka Branch

I was assigned at Seaoil Nangka with Eric and Nico. Saturday, I worked the first shift (6am-2pm), and Sunday, the 2nd shift (2pm-10pm). People there are extremely nice! I enjoyed my whole stay and I think we'll be back on January to fulfill more duties! Egzoiting!

Extreme 97 for Sir!

Ma'am Mary (the cashier for our shift) was too kind and called me from the cashier's booth (I was the cashier for that day!) and volunteered to take my picture filling gas to a customer. Mabait at game si kuya so great! Hohoho.

Totalizer Reading

Dipstick Reading

Counting money as we turn over for the next shift

Too bad I was alone on my 2nd shift when these pics were taken. Nico and Eric took the first shift that day. Next time, I'll take pictures of the three of us!

Seriously. My MT friends and I already miss gassing up in stations! I was able to experience all types of vehicles except trucks. Scuuured. Haha. I now have a whole new level of respect for the work that they do there. It's not as easy as you think! But it's way more fun than it seems. Hahaha. Whats!


Number Two Lover said...

Wow! Adventure indeed!

Claire said...

Wow bongga immersion kung immersion! Baka mamaya yung gas boy/girl palang nagse-service eh MT pala hahaha! Natuwa ako sa dipstick reading... ganun lang pala magmeasure ng natitirang gas :))

ghoent said...

@Number Two Lover: adventure talaga! :D

@Claire: Haha oo na-gas-an ko nga yung ka-high school ko one time eh, takang taka at nagulat! =P madali nga lang mag-dipstick! sana lang nagmamatch siya sa acutal reading para ibig sabihin no losses. haha! =))

Nikki Abella said...

These pictures paint a thousand words! :)

Followed your blog, again! :) I moved to a new home, and I'll appreciate it a lot if you could follow back! :)

Thank you!


Mara Feliz said...

Wow! I think being a gas filler person is the BOMB!!! I'd wanna do that, too! Can I just say you are awesome for doing that!

Kisses! xxx

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