Friday, July 15, 2011

Bags will drop on Saturday's Bazaar.

First ever! I know I haven't been quite active in the innurnet this past week and that's because I was mulling over bazaar stuff ideas and the logistics of our items (may ganon!). I promise to go back to being the number one commenter of your blogs after this bazaar. Haha. A bum's life right there. =P

Anyway, as I was saying, the new bags will drop this Saturday! The new design which i'll simply be calling as "purse bags" (for now) will finally be released here! Dibs for bazaar customers before we launch it on the website! =)

The bestest news ever, price of this bag is only at 695pesos! ;) I mentioned in one of my comments here that the bags will be somehwere at the range of 750pesos, and I'm really happy that after all the fuzzy accounting kabajinggas, 695 came out as the magic number! Yey for savings agad! :)

Oh and there are only a few pieces left for our mini-laptop bags (sling/handbag)! Get your 10inch notebooks a new home! =)
 Fourier Mini-laptop bag, 495pesos.

A few other kewwwl things we will be selling at the bazaar:

Glitter socks

Feather headbands

Super cute voodoo dolls/keychains/cellphone accessory/car accessory in three sizes!
 These are just some of the designs for these cuties. There are a lot! =)

We will also be selling vintage shirts and other knickknacks (not the food. how do i spell that then?) so please check our space at the latagan area! =)

Ghoent Junior will be at the Triple Treat Tiangge on Saturday, July 16, 2011 at the Bahay ng Alumni, UP Diliman, Quezon City. Doors open at 10am! See you there! <3


JelenaDoll ~ said...

Those bags with the bows are so cute!

AVA T.♥ said...

cute stuff and love the bags!!:) good luck with the bazaar!

Krissy ♥ said...

Oh wow, I'm sure you're very excited! Good luck! ♥

Eden said...

the bags and the glittery socks, i really want! wish i was up north to take part of the great deal :( well, best of luck love!


ghoent said...

thank you for all the love, girls! <3 =")

Eden, ill inform you na lang if ever we have stocks left. =)

Claire said...

Uwo, congratulations on your first (?) bazaar! Sayang wala ako sa UP nang weekends >_< I want the Fourier laptop bags... kaso wala pa akong suweldo so walang netbook na mailalagay haha :))

ghoent said...

Thanks Claire! =) yep first bazaar namin! :D haha unahin muna si netbook, tapos si Fourier mini laptop bags naman next! =P

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