Friday, July 8, 2011

UST Reunion, at last!

I miss my UST classmates. I spent a year at UST taking up industrial engineering before transferring to UP Dil as a mechanical engineering student. But don't be confused, I am a graduate of Materials Engineering. Told ya my academic life's quite a colorful one. Haha! 

Anyway, last week we finally had the chance to get together, as the original planned reunion date got cancelled due to Falcon. Ayan, dami tuloy di nakapunta dito. Pero twas a fun night parin! =) Ate at Nomnomnom Happy Food at Tomas Morato then went to Chic Boy at Timog para sa inuman.

Haha di bagay! Boys mocking pa-cute poses. Ang sama!

Chicks wearing checks and stripes!


First time to drink Tanduay Ice. Lasang fruit soda lang din pala? Masarap! Nakaisang bote lang ako, had to leave early dahil as usual di ako pinapayagan magpagabi. Sabi nila, ako pa rin daw si Cinderella. I know! Same old, same old. Hah.

More reunions pa sana next time! This was a good start! =)

*Photos from Karlo


JelenaDoll ~ said...

looks like all of you had so much fun! What do you do in Materials Engineering ? and by the way thank you so much for your comment :) xx

ghoent said...

Hi Jelena! I kinda suck at selling my own course but it's interesting in a way that we study the macro and micro properties of materials. study their structure and behavior under certain parameters, conduct failure analysis, and research for further development etc. my profs are gonna kill me for not giving a very good profile of it, haha! it's really interesting though! =)

fashioneggpplant said...

lovely photos, wow, i guess you're all quite a brainy bunch! love the food in chicboy, the cebu lechon manok is so succulent :)

ghoent said...

i've heard a lot of good stuff about chicboy! have not tried it yet though, we only went there for the inuman. will have to taste it next time! =)

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