Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Of Dreaming and Contentment

The irony. Can you really dream big and be content at the same time?

There comes a point in your life, that one second, that everything you've known loses its meaning. Like a slowmo fading of everything around you. Time stops. And everything floats. . . slowly . . . and in deafening silence.

No kidding.

You'll get that feeling at some point. But just as that one second is about to end, everything snaps back. Regaining the vivid colors. Moving in real time. It seems as though your life slips right back to normal.

But it doesn't.

It's a lie.

Nothing is the same, and you will feel it.

The things that mattered, just lost their meaning. And all that seemed irrelevant, is just right about your life now. This is THE point. The turning point. The change of phase. The culmination of all that you've known since you were born. The epiphany.

They say that maturity takes time. And it does. But all those that you learn. Will lock itself like the last piece of a puzzle. Like the last piece of robot. When you reach that 60 milliseconds I told you about. All of them will burst inside your head, and cover your brain with a new shade of paint. That's the color of maturity. You are now ripe. You are a new you. And all the trivial things that you cared for. Will be useless. Will be nothing. Because what matters now. Are really all the things that you didn't understand before. Or just didn't care for.

This happened to me last night. I mean a little over 3am a while ago. I took one breath. And just when I exhaled. I knew everything was different. Nothing changed. But nothing's the same.

And I'm loving it.

Do you want me to share what I think are the things that changed?

You might laught at me. Seriously.

Because your guess. Is only as good as mine.

I see things now in a different light.

I still see everything. But like a dark room with only a light bulb. I can only see a few clearly. And those I see. Are the things that I used to not.

But I still see everything.

My first ever question. Can dreaming and contentment. Be done simultaneously?

I have been thinking about it since I woke up. I still do not know the answer. Its making me crazy, actually. Funny, because I told myself. Does it matter?

The question is not whether it can be done.

The question is.

Do you really see everything?

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