Thursday, August 18, 2011

All blessings are blessings

This past week has been a blessed week for me.

But the weeks before this, were heartbreaking.

Boyfriend's father suffered a mild stroke about 3 weeks ago. And dear bf couldn't sleep. He and his two sisters are here in Manila, while their mom and dad are in the province. It was difficult to not be able to do anything. And I was praying really hard that Dado (how we call bf's dad) gets better asap.

Bf's laptop one fine morning decided not to turn on. Yeah, this was about 3 weeks ago too. Files and research of his thesis for his master's, there. His students' exams and records, also there. Having no TV, all else (news, entertainment, updates, communication) are pretty much in there too. I couldn't be more helpless for bf. And I am praying that it gets fixed soon.

My laptop, about 2 weeks ago, also decided not to turn back on. Crazy. It just. felt. crazy. And I am praying that it gets fixed soon too.

Did I mention, that I am unemployed? Well, I'm not really bummed out about that. It just crossed my mind that if I had a job, then I would have been (and be) able to help bf with some financial issues. Bf, being the eldest, I can feel was stressing about all the things that are happening. But being the strong and totally funny and cool guy that he is, he is just taking everything in like it was just challenging his greatness (he is kinda crazy, he says he is a god. lol.).

But God, the One up there, is really the all powerful God. And I can't thank Him enough.

Not all of my prayers have been answered yet. The two laptops are still borken. But Dado is recovering well and I am grateful and thankful for that. Thank You Lord.

I have won two giveaways recently. Gifts are always a beautiful reminder of happy thoughts. And indeed these gifts make me happy. And I am grateful and thankful for that. Thank You Lord.

Bf is getting opportunities as a tutor, aside from him being an instructor. Extra cash is always welcome. I know that his schedule requires him to be a superhero, and thank God he is as strong as one. And on top of that, he still has time for me. And am grateful and thankful for that. Thank You Lord.

I just really want to thank God for giving me bf. He is the best. And I have no idea what I did right to deserve him. I am blessed, and I will forever be thankful and grateful for that. Thank You Lord.

I am not laptop-less. Because we still have our big laptop here at home that I can use for personal and business opportunities. And am grateful and thankful for that. Thank You Lord.

Speaking of business opportunities, God has blessed me. Just a week ago I posted this ad and miraculously, I already have two customers to date. I pray for more customers to come, but really the two customers are testament to God's loving and caring power. The extra cash is all very welcome. I can at least now treat bf to a nice dinner to reward and relax him from all the pressure that I know he is burdened with. Thank You Lord.

A lot of people say that God is overrated. Well, I am not here to convince you otherwise. But I am here to thank God for everything good that He has done for me. The problems I mentioned may be nothing to others, and I am sure that the blessings I mentioned are worth nothing to many. But they all mean everything to me right now. I am not usually like this, very vocal and maybe mushy, but I just feel so blessed. I can't contain it.  So blessed I've got to give it away (love that song). And the only way I can really give back right now is by thanking Him endlessly. Thank You Lord.

Thank You Lord.

Thank You Lord, its bf and I's 51st month together. Forevermore to come, please.


Claire said...

I hope your boyfriend's dad and laptop and your laptop all get well soon.

And I must agree with your disposition, Ghoent. We always have to look at the brighter side of life. Everyone is blessed, we just have to feel it.

ghoent said...

@Claire: thank you, thank you. I hope everything gets well soon, too.

Tama, when we realize a lot of things it just becomes a whole new world. all a matter of perspective. thank you, Claire!

Maria said...


Knowing God, I know everything will be fine :) and you BF's dad will gonna be okay soon. Let's leave our worries to him and just have faith. :)

Take care and have a great day ahead babe!

ghoent said...

Thank you Maria. I really appreciate your words. =)

Gela said...

oh dear, i'm sorry to hear about your boyfriend's dad. i hope he's recovering well. so nice to see that you're keeping a positive attitude inspite of everything. :) praying that things look up & more blessings come your way!

boat ride through the sky

ghoent said...

Thank you, thank you Gela. Thankful for everything and hoping for better things to come. =)

Anagon =) said...

This post just brought tears to my eyes!!! Sobrang nakakagulat, and nakakabilib lang how strong your bf din...I am glad his father is recovering na, Ill pray for his health and situation.

And mabuhay tayong mga online sellers! More blessings to you Ghoent, and to your bf :) Thanks for reteaching me the value of positivity :)

ghoent said...

Thaaaanks Ana!! Sobrang pasalamat ko nga din that bf is such a strong person. Thank you for your prayers. =)

More blessings to us! Hope our businesses will flourish pa! =)

Krissy ♥ said...

Thank you for this post Ghoent. You are a blessing, too, to your bf, family and friends (including us, and me who may not have met you yet, but was really inspired by this post) :) So thank God for you :)

ghoent said...

Awww Krissy thank you! I am just thankful for all the blessings around me and so being able to inspire a few people with it is a very welcome bonus. Thank you, thank you Krissy. =)

Glenn Encinares said...

nice story dear...sometimes we have to be thankful even in small blessing we receive :)

ghoent said...

True! Thank you, Glenn! =)

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