Monday, June 6, 2011

Bizzeh Bizzeh

What's been keeping me busy? Thinking, brainstorming, looking for inspirations, and squeezing my creative juices. Am cooking up a new batch of bags to be released this July *crosses fingers* over at GhoentJunior. I already have one on the works, my bag maker has been kind enough to do this batch even if he (yezz, he!) already has a fulltime job. Thank you, kuya. Bless you!

A sneak peak on how that bag looks like:

Oh wtheck. I already uploaded a photo of me using it in this post. HAHA. Here:

You can't see it perfectly in that picture though, but it has a few interesting details! The kiss lock I used is just purrrrrrretteh! Will come in three colors, that gray one, being one of them.

You know I love ribbons and polkadots, as seen in this wedding outfit I wore in Bess' wedding.

One outfit = 3 ribbons! Overkill? HAHA. Well after having polkadots all over my previous collections, big bows then became the center of this design.

I have a couple more designs but I don't know if kuya can still accomodate my orders. I don't want to move on to another bagmaker cause he's just so easy to work with! And the aggressive in me is sort of pressuring him to accept my additional requests since I'm planning to join my very first bazaar this July. It's a different step once actual stalls and bazaars are there so I was hoping to have different items up for sale. Anyhoo, let us all together hope that kuya bends into my convincing powers. Ito lang ang pagkakataon ko eh, habang bum pa! Muhahahaha *evil laugh*.   .    .    . Uy di naman, bait ko nga eh. =P If he doesn't though, I will be heartbroken for quite a while. =(

What do you think of the bag? And do you have some bagmakers list up your sleeve? Please roll them down and share. Heeeheee. =P


JelenaDoll ~ said...

I am loving that bow on the bag and i looove polka dots i think they are the cutest! =] oh good luck with everything btw! xx

ghoent said...

thank you Jelena! <3 polkadots are just too cute indeed!

confession: I used your editing tutorial to edit that second picture above. I will forever be thankful. :D Which reminds me,! =)

Krissy said...

Ohmygosh I super love it! Love polka dots and bows too, and that bag is sooo pretty! How much will you be selling it for? :)

PS: I won Ana's Blog Giveaway and one of the prizes I got is a netbook bag from you. Thank you! My netbook Lady Fabrize loves her new home :)

ghoent said...

aww thank you Krissy! <3 i still haven't computed my costing for the bag above (because the labor part is still in the process), but if my estimates are accurate then i'll be selling it for not more than 750 pesos. =) good deal no? =P the details (dimensions, kiss lock, pockets, lining, base, etc) of the bag will be posted when it is already up for sale. =)

yey thank you! I'm super happy that Lady Fabrize loves her new home! =) congratulations on winning the first prize, Ana's giveaway was so generous! <3

Monique said...

That bag is amazing!!

ghoent said...

thank you Monique! =)

Vim said...

Very classy! I'd like to have one! :)

ghoent said...

thank you Vim! will update this blog once it's out! =)

The Cat Hag said...

Wow it's amazing that you are a bag designer, so inspirational! :)

The Cat Hag

ghoent said...

oooops, i wouldn't call myself a bag designer just yet, but I do get inspirations from everywhere and mix them up to suit my own liking. hihi. thanks for dropping by addie! =)

Claire said...

Nice Ghoent!! Super cute! Parang big (pero cute pa rin) version ng coin purses! :) Keep it up. Hope to see more! ^_^

ghoent said...

thank you Claiiire!! haha sakto, yun talaga ang ina-achieve kong look! oversized coin purses, haha! =P super thank you! =) <3

Jen said...

Super pretty. :)

ghoent said...

thank you Jen! =)

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