Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Easiest dessert to make. Ever.

No stopping a woman craving for some sweets!

I call this one, the Frozen ChocoBananaNut Pops!

Too many adjectives? Yes? No? It's a mouthful. See what i did there...


What's really great about this dessert aside from being quick and easy to whip, is that it only has 3 ingredients! Plus i feel like this one's on the ~healthy side, given that this one's fruit-based. Ohyeahohyeah!

Chocolate spread

First, slice the bananas. I prefer Latundan bananas over Lacatan just because they're sweeter and have better texture. Use any kind though, whatever's available. I usually slice a banana into 4, so they're just the right size.

After slicing, freeze 'em while you prepare the next two ingredients.

Next up, pound the nuts via your mortar and pestle. Or maybe put them in a ziplock bag and start pounding with your frying pan. Whichever works, take it!

Next, get your chocolate spread. I always have Goya Choco Spread (in ChocoHazelnut) here at home because IT IS THE ANSWER TO LIFE'S PROBLEMS or wait i mean it gives me that instant dose of sweet smooth chocolate whenever i crave for some. A spoonful's never enough. Hah.

Get a hefty spoonful, put in a small bowl, and add 2-3 spoons of hot water. Or 4, i don't really measure it so go ahead and experiment. Just a side note, i tried the "microwave the chocolates in 5 second intervals, mixing in between til well blended", but i think this only works for actual chocolates. The chocospread actually thickened/solidified when i did this, so there. Chocolate spreads have different ingredients and maybe were processed differently so they don't just melt with heat. (Should i actually know this? I don't like organic chem so skipping the scientific explanation here, sarreh!) Anyway, mixing in some hot water worked just fine, turning it into a consistency perfect for coating. I added just a wee bit of condensed milk just to make it a little creamier again, but you may skip this step.

Take out the bananas from the freezer, coat with chocolate, and roll in nuts until fully coated. Finish your batch then freeze. I like it just about 2 to 3 hours after freezing so it's not frozen through and through, but i left it there overnight and all the same it tastes good!!

Will try this again soon, next time with crushed oreos as coating instead of the nuts.

Ohmhayghas the things we do for the love of desserts.

I have no idea of the rules in the kitchen, so if i ever offend real cooks there with the "whatever works" processes that i have here, please forgive me. Then teach me. Hihi. Thank youuuuu okay time for more eating now!

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