Monday, May 13, 2013

Chapter Three

This shall be my most cryptic chapter yet, because I shall be annoyingly vague and useless, freewriting as I think and realize all these thoughts and emotions unwelcomely marinating and consuming my free (and yes not so free) time.

A milestone has happened last err yeah week blah blah blah. ERASE. Tsk.

It was a big deal. For me, at least. Not sure with the other one, but but but the way it looks now it's not.

It's a milestone because nothing remotely close to it has ever happened before (asterisk). It isn't necessarily good, nor bad, but it's something worthy of a place in my bank of memories.

I am mainly hard on myself for not being able to let this go easily. I mean, I should be ~cool about it I guess. But. But.


Yuck. I am writing about this. The normal me won't be sharing this out here, but I'd just like the future me to look back and read this post and re-live the confusion and nonsense thoughts and blabbing and how so much of a girl I am at this exact moment. And cringe at the thought of it.

But future me, I'd like to remind you, that that day was an awesome day. It was. :)

Things could be more positive, if you ask me. But if it doesn't go somewhere along that path, it isn't really up to me.

"...wait for it!..." says Barney.

All I can do is just that.

And what sucks the most, right now, is having to feel/imagine that this really could all just be nothing.



"Make way for the bigger, the better, the reckoning, the miraculous and the beautiful. It’s ready for you when you are."

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