Friday, March 1, 2013

Well hello, summer!

Summer just arrived a wee bit early this year, and I'm at yes and no with it. It's a happy season I have to say and all the get-togethers with friends make these three months something to look forward to. My problem though is dressing up fit for the weather, having a closet filled with three-fourths and longsleeves. But blah. The office aircon can fix that. Haha!

Went to Splash Mountain Resort in Los Banos, Laguna last weekend! A friend needed some support and what better way to give such than while having fun in the water! Best part is it's just a little over an hour worth of drive. The place was not too crowded so swimming was actually possible (except I don't know how to swim, surprise!). Stayed for the night and it was a blast. :)

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Zane Saria said...

Hello, I love your blog! Nice post! Can't wait for summer too!

Followed you, hope you'll follow back.

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