Saturday, March 30, 2013

Keep walking

Took a bow, now off to college. But first, yes he took a bow.

My brother's finally gotten his high school diploma 2 weeks ago, and the family was of course there to support him!

Grad ceremonies are just really exciting. Always eventful, fun and engaging. NO. NOT AT ALL.

I am blunt today (whoops!) so let's just say that my sister and I passed time by roaming the campus and looking for food and taking photos. :)

Forced sister to model Piattos for me. Not bad. Hahaha.
Time just has its way of sneaking up and surprising. I can't believe my brother's going to college now! I am tempted to give him all the advice about studying, school activities, friends, relationships, and every other thing just about that 7 year phase of my own life -- but what fun would that bring him? I will keep my mouth shut, you bet. He has the right to find out things by himself, learn on his own, and experience what needs to be delved on. Probably the best guidance that I could just give him is to always remember to learn from everything, and then to keep on walking - no matter what.

Congrats Sijyl! :)

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