Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spikes of appreciation

Shiz. It's been 2 months since I last wrote here! Sorry for neglecting you dear blog, you know how lazy I can get sometimes.

So, how are ya?


Thank you digital diary. You don't accumulate cobwebs nor dust else I would've been even more lazy to "clean" you up and make an entry. Hey, low maintenance. What a catch.

You've missed a lot since the last time I updated you. Sorry about that. Adventures, late nights, work, and some little things that make my life interestingly normal. Take note. I have a few "late nights" whipped under my bank of memories now. Am still the same cinderella but ze parents are a little more lenient now (i think). Dang ang saya pala!

The thing about my work now is that the thing I like about it is pretty much the same thing that I don't like about it. This just says how much of a walking contradiction I am. And how much I use the word thing. dumbwordalert.

Work is spontaneous -- in terms of schedule, of what we do. Almost day to day, lucky if we know exactly what's in for next week. And i love that! Before reality (ghoent code: reality = life after school; hence Jump to Reality) fell from the sky and into my lap, I was as OC and stiff as your typical control freak. But I like contradicting myself and have recently started to learn to always explore new things, to appreciate new perspectives. And this is really something that I am enjoying now.

Am learning so much more with this "yes man" attitude. Thankfully my work is cultivating this seed in me, making me enjoy life better and experience the most trivial "adventures" that kids today get to do without a hiccup. Although I must admit, I don't always love this setup. My old ways of liking structure and planning is still very much in my veins; and I have no plans of completely removing that. So it can get a little frustrating when I can't commit to things because my current list of priorities places work on top of the list. Ya know. Responsable mode on syempre.

Bottomline though: I love my work. Where I am now. And the people around me. Work's too happy it's scary. Been having that thought meddle with my good vibes recently, counterintuitive if you think about it. But seriously, I am enjoying exactly where I am now, that Iv'e been brushed to this direction by north and south winds; those that I tried to go against and those where I completely let myself go and just embraced.

I guess what im saying here is. I am at a place where there's so much to be thankful for. So, thank you.

Thank you, more please. If you will.

photos by me, from my trustee cam phone (as always). photoshopped, of  course.


Claire said...

Glad to have you blogging again, Ghoent!

I guess spontaneous is better than routine! Less chances for boredom XD

ghoent said...

@Claire: tamaaaa. field - office - field - office is super fun! haha. sana masustain ko na magblog ng mas madalas na ulit! :D

Number Two Lover said...

Happy that you're back! Tuloy-tuloy lang :) Ingat parati! We might bump into each other in UP ;)

Almira :)

krissy ♥ said...

Glad to here that :)

ghoent said...

@almira: thank you! =) hope to be back at UP nga, kailangan ko na ng transcript at magmartsa! =))

@krissy: thank you din krissy! =)

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