Friday, October 28, 2011

One door closed, another opened.

I woke up to some great news today. And I am just overwhelmed at how God finds ways to help me see everything's purpose for happening. This day is a great day for me. And I can't thank God enough for all the blessings.

I want to give back by holding an inventory sale, and basically almost give away these pretty Weber Bow babies. I just want to start fresh by clearing out stocks, and at the same time pay forward all the kindness that God has blessed me with.

Hope you all have a great long weekend ahead! Always enjoy and savor the moment! =)

Details of the sale can be found here:



cute bags!! loooks really cute with those adorable bows!!

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

those are such a cute bags! <3

anyway, i just read your last post and i'm sorry to hear that you guys had to end your relationship..i'm glad to know though that you're being strong and positive about it. i absolutely understand how difficult that can be and it'll be challenge forgetting the memories. just don't stop praying. <3

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

ghoent said...

@The Nomadic Fashionista: thank you! the metal opening and bow design are my fave parts too! =)

@Gizelle Faye: yes! the memories are the hardest part to let go. i feel okay one minute then remember a lot of things again that make me sick the next. anyway, mind over matter ito. i'm done. =) thank youuuuu really. true, prayers can do wonders. =)

Eden said...

babe, just read your "breakup" post. so sorry to hear it, it seems like a truly big ordeal to go through :( ako nga na 1 year plus lang kami ng boyfriend ko, i really can't imagine being separated, what more kayo na more than 4 yrs... well be strong lang, there's a purpose for all that happens to us, may it be good or bad. i hope youre surviving beautifully:)

cute bags btw:)


ghoent said...

@Eden: thank youuu eden, i am feeling better, but feeling all good is an entirely different thing pa. but i am slowly getting there, with the help of friends and lovely comments from you guys. thank you talaga. they all mean a lot me. =)

roxy said...

just read your last post, it must be real hard for you but i know things like this are just trials in life, maybe one day youll meet him again and that time he'll ask you to marry him :)) smile, be happy ! be strong :)) everything has a purpose . anyways, loving the bags so much . ill definitely check the site now :D

ghoent said...

@Roxy: hello! i agree, everything happens for a reason talaga. and i've realized it agad a week after the break up. kaya thankful parin ako of everything that has happened. it may be painful for me but i know in time, everything will be better. =) thank you, thank you roxy. smiling does help. =)

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