Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Plums in real life

My fascination with plums started way way waaaaay back since yesterday. Ooops. Yeah i wasn't really interested with them at all, save for yesterday when my itay came home with a whole plastic container filled with plums.

I have never seen a plum live,  have no idea how it tastes, its texture, and well, its existence; until yesterday. The only thing I knew about plums was its color - obviously, dark violet. kaboom.

Okay so today's lesson, biology. Or something like that. We will be disecting a plum, observing its properties (just the physical), and conducting some experiments (no not really).

Physical Properties

a. Color 
We got our work cut out for us. Answer with me y'all -- dark vio-- PLUM!

b. Skin texture
It's smooth, actually. The fruit is soft and smooth, like my skin whuuut. No, they're much like grapes, only softer. Like when you feel and squeeze it a tad bit too hard it'll burst. Its jelly-ish soft wrapped with smooth stretched skin.

c. Size and Shape
Ok this one's the easiest. Just look at the picture. But since I'm in the mood to be wordy and random, will describe more. It's like sinegwelas in shape, but twice to thrice larger. 

d. Fruit color and texture
Translucent yellow to yellow-green. As for the texture, imagine this: you have sago, the small kind like those found in taho / ginataang halo-halo. Then you smash them, and put them in a container where you'll solidify (not refrigerate!) the mixture. After solidification, take a bite at it. There. Texture, NOT the taste, people. If you can't imagine that, then just imagine eating grapes. Hihi. It's jelly, but its not smooth. Make grapes more textured and you'll have the plum texture. Texture texture texture. Its a mouthful.

e. Taste
Tastes like sinegwelas. If it's ripe. 
If its not, it tastes like kamias!
Agghhh the sour taste! Punishment for someone like me, who has a sweet tooth!

Chemical Properties

Sorry, I do not have the right lab equipments.

Nonetheless, Avocados will remain as my favorite fruit. Ripe mangoes are a close second.

I miss doing lab experiments (No I don't. I'm just a little bored). I should really get a job now. Must remain sharp (yeah right).


Claire said...

Natawa ako sa "Taste" part. Sinegwelas at kamias lang pala! T________T Anti-climactic hahaha. :))

Haha I kind of miss lab too! Not the lab reports though!

ghoent said...

Hahaha! Oo nga eh, lakas ng build up sabay sinegwelas at kamias ang bagsak. haha! =P Yes, no to lab reports!

Daphne said...

Woah I love this post!!! haha. Super cool! :)

ghoent said...

Thank you (?) (i guess hihi)! thanks for dropping by! =)

AVA T.♥ said...

fruit anatomy! hehe cute :)

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