Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Return of the Panghent


Wow, its been 4 years since i last blogged! I kind of miss blabbing nonsense and sensible things here and there so here I am, writing away! Sorry old blog, abandoned you aimlessly. Want to start a new feel so new address! =P Panghent, you will still be remembered, my rants and stories with you will remain alive. <3

Okay, so honestly, blogging again didn't just randomly pop into my head. I was inspired to return to writing after I recently blog hopped and found the pinoy blogosphere very much full of life! I missed posting, reading, and just blogging altogether with all the pictures, the stories, the adventures. Twas funnn and really a way to express and release a lot of emotions then. So yey, I'm back! And I chose this time to start writing again because finally, imma graduate college na! Yahoooo! Its real life now, and i think ill have more things to write about.

Will prolly blog about graduating on a separate entry (or maybe not), just want this inital entry to be a welcome thing. Graduating means more time for the internet in a nonacad way so hurray! My online shop and this blog is going to get a lot of love from me na! :D

Me alive and kicking! =)


Claire said...

You were Panghent? I think I remember reading your blogs before! You're from Engg din, right? Hello! Hello!

Ghoent said...

Wow someone dropped by! Hi claire! I remember you too, you were a part of my blog hop route then! :D Yes kapwa engg iska that's me! Hello! =) Thanks for dropping by!

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