Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Random bullets

4 posts in 2 days? I'm on a roll! HAHA. Energy is overflowing for the returning blogger. It's lovelier the second time around. Bleh, lame! Jump to first bullet!

*Soooo, yey for internet marketing! Tis the first time that Ghoent Junior will actually be sponsoring a giveaway contest, and we are psyched that Ana of Anagon is very gracious in featuring us on her blog! Thank you Ana! =)

Visit her article here. Don't forget to join her giveaway this coming April! Win something from us! =P

*Will be off to Puerto Galera tomorrow til April 1 for our class "plant visit"! Yahoo! Plant visit with quotation marks because our professor just wanted a farewell outing before graduation, so off to reward ourselves by hitting the beach. Cant's wait! =)

*April 2 is friend Bess' wedding day! Whooo! We will be performing a few songs there, at ako ang egg shaker in 2 songs, and el kahonista in another. Percussionist to the nth level! HAHAHA. My  kadas are all very good singers so yey for me, i get to shake and bang my way into performing. =P Busy this week and a complete bum after that. Did I say can't wait? I can't wait! :D


Claire said...

I saw your online shop from Anagon's blog. Your items are awesome and I especially like their names(Fourier, Rayleigh, etc) haha. I thought, "this person must be from Engg" and I was right. LOL.

Ghoent said...

Haha Claire very engg inspired talaga yung site! Everything is named after dimensionless numbers! =P Thank you for appreciating! =)

cherry said...

nice...perhaps you could sponsor my giveaway too=)

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