Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Paint your palette blue and grey.

Totally calling it: the weather's got her period! The weather's been unpredictable this last few weeks (not being sexist here huhu but i think yes i'm being sexist lol) where one night it's cold, and the next day it's beach temp! There's no telling if summer's officially here now, but in my calendar, Feb. 22 already kicked it off. Beach rain or shine is just as attractive! <3
Friends and I went to Crystal Beach Resort in San Narciso, Zambales, initially to surf and island hop, but ended up just chillin' like some villain. I'm not sure if it was the vibe of the place that called for lounging and soaking in the beautiful serene views, or that we were tired from the 5 hour bus ride to the place. Either way, my mood was really to just keep still and have that getaway-to-the-beach finally happen.
Good Morning So Much!! Because ~Good Morning!~ isn't enough! 
I like this place. It's my first time here and although they're fully booked for that weekend (i think, we didn't get our preferred room/s), the beach was in no way crowded. There was a lot of personal space going on and each group had their own spot to do their thing. I don't usually go back to places i've already been to because i prefer exploring new ones, but i won't mind going back to Crystal Beach. It isn't expensive and i really like the vibe and the sand and the fact that it's also a surf spot. At least when i finally get the courage to try surfing, I can do so! But i really think i'm too un-fit and unhealthy for that. Helloooo just ~swimming~ by the waves got me bruises and a few scratches! Those waves ate me whole haha but 'twas fun!

The sunset was beautiful! It passed us quickly so wasn't able to take a lot of photos, but the orange sky was a pretty backdrop for my all-about-relaxing drama so i hit the hammock. If we weren't going to eat, i would've wanted to take a nap there. Maybe next time!

I expected the resort to have a band play Saturday night though, and was a little disappointed to learn that there'll be none. But we still went by the bonfire and lay down because we spotted a few shooting stars! It was a starry starry night and it felt sooo good to lie down outside, watch the stars, and listen to the sounds of burning wood and gusts of wind. My friend even played Enya on his phone as our background. Twas funny but it completed the mood.

We also woke up reaaally early, because we wanted to see the sunrise. We didn't exactly see it though because of all the pine trees. Haha! Still all good, the sound of the waves in the dark was a little scary but relaxing at the same time, so the ears had pleasure when the eyes didn't get that sunrise.

I hope I get to visit more beaches in the coming months. I don't know how to swim but i'm really at peace with that now, because am a beach person not really to do all the water adventures (but why not!), but more to savor the laid back lifestyle and calming, re-energizing magic that it gives.

Ghad i'm dreaming and re-living the views and sounds again. 

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