Sunday, April 22, 2012

March of April

So I finally graduate from college, officially! I've been working for a good 5 months now so going back to UP to finally march on stage elicits some mix of emotions.

I miss UP, UP Engg, my friends, classmates, orgmates, favorite eating spots, "ate mainlib" where i used to always eat, "kuyate" (because we don't know if s/he's a kuya or an ate) from Beach House, etc. I miss UP. The culture, the people.

I cried when the dedication video prepared by the Engg Student Council for the graduating batch was played. Spot on. Good job ESC.

It was nice to see my profs, some batchmates (because my orig batchmates graduated last year), and classmates. To be within the green campus. See Oble. Get dehydrated out of heat. Stand for a few hours to wait for the start of the ceremony. Sweat. Smile. Take pictures.

I will forever be thankful to UP. You taught me a lot. And most of it are the things I learned outside of the classroom. Thank you for shaping me to what I am now: part strong, part soft, part nice, part bitch, part friendly, part shy, part bold, part critical. And mostly smart. oops. :)

Thank you for the people I met. The relationships I formed. The failures and successes that you so kindly put me through. 

I will forever be thankful. I owe you a lot. Honor and Excellence, I promise to always uphold. 

In my own way, I promise that you'll be proud of me.

Thank you UP. Thank you UP Engg. It was a nice journey. The ride was epic.


krissy ♥ said...

Awww ♥ Congratulations!! :)

Number Two Lover said...

Congratulations!! I don't know what I'll be after my grad three years after (hopefully hihi). I'll probably be a wreck. Go lang ng go :)

Almira :)

Claire said...

Lagi pa rin akong natatawa sa "Babala Tubig Kanal" na yun. :)) Congratulations again Ghoent! "Honor and Excellence" Apir!

I love that last photo!! I never got the chance to shoot myself with Oble/in front of Engg/etc dahil sa gutom after ng recognition T_T

Yung tree with purple flowers, grabe ang cute nun noh? :))

ghoent said...

Krissy: Thank you!! <3 :)

Almira: Thank you! And best of luck! ChemEngg diba? Tama, go lang ng go! No second thoughts! :)

Claire: Thank you! Winner nga yung tubig kanal, I HAD TO HAVE a picture with it! Haha. Apir! :D

Nakakagutom nga talaga! paalis na dapat kami tapos sabi ko lang kay itay "parang bet ko magpic sa shed." Ayun tumigil tapos game naman maging photog ko so yey for me! Haha. :))

Yes!! Actually, ikaw nga naalala ko sa punong yun. Haha. Very Japanese-y (hope that didn't sound racist or something). Pretty! :)

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