Friday, May 6, 2011

Inay, panic buying?

The perks of having a sister that used to work in selecta. Always on the loop of ice cream discounts sa planta! Read: 50% OFF! HAHAHA. Flavors on sale include sorbetes and creations variants only, syempre ibang level naman yung bonggang flavors. Still, I ain't complaining (DUHH). Stocks fly fast so whatever sister got hold of, she bought; as per inay's UTOS. Di nababali! HAHAHA.

IKR. Gallons and buckets of yummy, creamy, unhealthy, figure-killer (kala mo may figure!) ice cream! Graaaabe, like a child's dream answered. And to add more guilt, sister bought this chocolate syrup! Whuuuut!

So i smothered this yummy chocolate all over my melon and ube ice cream! Ohhhh the goodness of guilty indulgent pleasures! Melon flavor is surprisingly delicious, with that cooling effect that the fruit actually brings. Shef sarap!

Sister bought other flavors not on sale. The Hershey's collection! She chose Milk Chocolate with Almonds, and Kisses. (Since we've already tasted Reese's). Verdict: aba'y MASARAP! Ano pa ba? HAHAHA.
Kisses lived up to its name. It had a looot of chocolate chips on every bite. It's just impossible to have a spoon of it without munching on at least, errr, 4-5 chocolate chips? Ok so i didn't really count; but dude, you get the picture right?
Milk Chocolate with Almonds is my favorite. Almonds got me. And the chocolate. And the creamy texture, like its melting slowly on my mouth. Ok got to stop talking now.

Sorry for the not so enticing pitures. Just snapped them then ate. Selecta shoud pay me for this. Or not. Haha. Thank you, for making this summer less burning!!

Btw. Family's more than halfway of finishing all these. I couldn't stop eating when it first came so only got to blog about it now. HAHA. Helloooooo, flabby belly!


kumiyama said...

ghoent!!! penge!! :)) grabe puro kain ka lang ata sa bahay, joke :))

nakailang comments na ko sa entries mo, im stalking you, yes? HAHAHA :P

AVA T.♥ said...

yummy!! i love the hersheys one!!:)

ghoent said...

@kumi: grabe puro kain at nood lang, tinatry ko nga magjumping jacks eh para mapawisan naman ako. hahaha! =))

@ava: hersheys milk chocolate? yun na lang di ko natitikman! =P will try that next! :D

Lloyda said...

my gosh! ice cream galore! now i'm craving for ice cream.

Claire said...

Must try those!! I've only tried Reese so far (daming laman, grabe!).

Sasabihin ko sanang mainit naman at parang sauna ang Pilipinas so malo-lose mo yung kinain mo... kaso biglang lumamig eh :))

ghoent said...

@lloyda: ngayong malamig na, its not as fun to eat them anymore. =))

@claire: tumpak! di nko pinagpapawisan ngayong malamig na, kaya paunti unti na lang ang kain, haha! =P

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