Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I am legend. I mean bored.

I am. I'm surprised that being a bum has taken its toll on me in just about a little over a month. Brain damage.

Nothing has been keeping me busy. I feel guilty for doing nothing, lazing the whole day, sleeping and eating anytime I want to. Self-destruction.

For now, I am scribbling and drawing a few bag designs, but I have no idea when I'll be able to have it done. My bag maker has decided to get a full time job instead so I am left with no choice but to find a new bag maker. Changes.

I still cannot believe that after living for a year now here at our new house, we still do not have a decent internet connection! I am stuck with this sun broadband where I must "strategically" position myself in places where I can actually get a signal. Pft. Stuck.

Bitter of this internet connection because I cannot even download and install Skype properly (I know right). I need it because I intend to work part time as an online tutor, so I can at least have some money and actually make something out of my time while I wait for my "official" graduation on October. Waiting.

What else what else? Nada. Doing nothing has made me EMO because everyone else is busy making their lives great and meaningful. And the pouring rain this past few days hasn't helped either, as they made the mood even more conducive for some self-pitying. Thank you sun, you have returned. Bright is how I like it. Sunny side up.


Kathleen Kaye Remoto said...

You ain't a bum! Look, you just made an awesome blog entry. Had fun reading it. :'>

ghoent said...

Thank you Kathleen! =)

Kathleen Kaye Remoto said...

np.. :')

Claire said...

Wow, na-excite naman ako sa bagong designs mo! I hope you find a new bag maker soon!!

ghoent said...

I hope so too! super thanks Claire! =)

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